Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million people, has a healthcare system that is rated as one of the worst in the world, with only about 3.8% of Nigeria’s GDP is invested in the health sector.

Nigerians usually have to pay for medicine out of their own pocket. Often the medicine is expensive and difficult to afford. The typical lifecycle of drugs goes from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, retail pharmacy and finally to the consumer. Due to the high out of pocket costs however, affordability of medication is a big issue, with less than 5% of households able to cover the costs of their medicines. Markups by wholesalers and distributors make matters worse, as it sometimes is double or triple the price by the time it reaches the patients because of the heavy fixed infrastructure costs. The informal distribution and retail networks have allowed counterfeit drugs to sometimes go unnoticed. With the informal pharma- economy accounting for 75% of the value of the pharma-market, this is a major concern. 

In 2019, on average, healthcare made up six percent of Nigerian household spending because a large majority cannot afford periodic subscriptions for health insurance. This is the narrative that OneHealth Nigeria is seeking to change.

OneHealth Nigeria started out in 2019 with the mission and vision to provide quality health care that is accessible and affordable for everyone. This health tech startup, led by Adeola Alli, prides in being able to equip Nigerians with the needed information to take charge of their health and ultimately increase their lifetime value. OneHealth is based in Lagos, Nigeria and has one pharmacy and laboratory. It is led by Adeola Alli, the CEO, who is mainly responsible for leading innovation, overall operations and resource utilization.

Introducing Wellness Club

According to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), by 2024, about ½ of the population would die from chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Our mission with OneHealth Wellness Club is to ensure that our friends, family and members of our community have the right tools to live a long and healthy life.

The Wellness Club is a health subscription service by OneHealth Nigeria aimed at solving both issues by sourcing, packaging and delivering the healthcare products to its members monthly, using economies of scale to pass on the savings to its customers.  It also provides a digital platform that allows its members to track their health including diagnostic tests and advice on what actions to take based on the analysis of the health information.

How Wellness Club Works

Watch explainer video here –

As the name suggests, the main objective of the platform is to improve the quality of healthcare of Nigerians, by having a highly organized platform and community that truly cares. By signing up for free on, patients get access to health trackers for their vitals, flexibility with speaking to a pharmacist or doctor (specialists inclusive) at any time, and a whopping reduction on medications, wellness items and laboratory testing – all of these is made seamless with just a push of the button.

With two months free subscription for individuals, families or organizations, Wellness Club is more or less partnering with patients to provide lasting solutions for their healthcare needs. Thus, it becomes easier for parents to sign up and register their kids, kids register their aged parents, friends refer friends, because they are rest-assured that their monthly medication, lab tests and consultations are promptly delivered to their doorstep without fail. 

It’s an entire community of well individuals, growing to form a healthy nation.


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