Meet the innovative platform that is disrupting the food ordering and delivery market space.

Eazzy Eats online food ordering and delivery service are established for small and large businesses in the food and logistics industries. Its purpose is to provide quality food ordering and delivery services and support partners through increased daily sales, customer base, and brand awareness.

Eazzy Eats sets the pace and a new standard by providing the best customer experience in the industry as they prioritize customer satisfaction.

Three distinct domains drive Eazzy Eats’ commitment to solve problems in these industries: Customers, Restaurants, and Logistics partners. These have been developed with the requisite cutting-edge technology promoting an increased seamless user experience.

The innovative online food ordering and mobile delivery applications are designed to support all restaurants (big, medium, and small scale): home chefs, caterers, and dispatch riders to increase their competitive advantage in the food industry.

The nexus of these Mobile Apps ensures customers place their food orders from their preferred and favorite restaurants. In-turn, these restaurants prepare and package the meals with the Eazzy Eats seal, while the dispatch riders swiftly deliver the meal at the customer’s convenience at a record time.

The regard for safety at Eazzy Eats cannot be overemphasized. Customer’s meals are packed with the Eazzy Eats seal, which should be unsealed only by the customer. Also, restaurants are inspected to ensure they meet the food preparation standard and enhance quality assurance.

Besides these, dispatch riders are trained to provide safe and timely delivery services. This applies to all partners and Eazzy Eats riders. More so, customers are informed about the estimated time via the App before and after the order is confirmed to prevent anxiety, as deliveries are made within the indicated time.

Eazzy Eats effectively brings a new feeling of satisfaction in the food industry with its innovative applications that are available on the Google play store and App Store to bring your favorite food to your doorstep, wherever and whenever. This multi-functional platform is geared towards making the lives of Nigerian diners easier while making restaurant businesses more profitable. Several Nigerians in the logistics sector are equally benefiting from the service Eazzy Eats provides. Eazzy Eats provides 24/7 customer support that can be reached on 080-9398-1111 or WhatsApp 080-9397-1111. You can also reach out to Eazzy Eats on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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