Leading Internet Service Provider Spectranet, offering high speed Internet services through multiple services – 4G LTE, HomeFiber and FiberOnAir has unveiled a new multimedia advertising campaign to reposition itself as The Wi-Fi Network.

Spectranet’s new payoff as The Wi-FI Network is aimed at reinforcing its position as the leading Internet Service Provider in the country in terms of quality of the network, products and service offerings.

The Wifi Network as a positioning payoff line showcases the confidence of the brand in terms of its ability to service current and evolving needs of various customer segments including the fast-evolving Generation Z. The brand provides Wi-Fi solutions for Fixed as well as On-the-move usage. It offers products for moderate users to heavy users preferring Unlimited products and those requiring high download and upload speeds. While 4G LTE will predominantly service customers needing Wi-Fi while on the move, GPON (HomeFiber) and FiberOnAir services will help fulfill the needs of customer segments at their homes or business establishments with high volume data consumption and high download and upload speed with lower latencies. 

product innovations to offer best-in-class internet browsing experience to its discerning customers

The brand has recorded major milestones in its operation as an ISP. It was first to host Netflix in the country and also the first to commence 4 G LTE operations. Major media houses have recognized Spectranet for its commitment to the development of the industry as a leading brand in the ISP domain.

Speaking on the brand’s new Corporate speak, the Executive Director at Creativexone, the Advertising Agency to Spectranet, Shola Adegboroye, noted that Spectranet is customer centric, innovative and nimble brand. The brand so far ran with a faster, affordable and reliable theme. In keeping with the changing times, the brand needs to reinvent itself and step into the next phase of evolution reflecting the aspirations of Generation Z. It also needs to consolidate its offerings across various high-speed technologies under one tag line. According to him, all these unique offerings stand Spectranet out as the Wifi Network. 

Speaking on the new positioning, Ajay Awasthi, Chief Executive Officer Spectranet said we have looked critically at the market and it is obvious that we are the leaders when it comes to our unique service offerings across 4GLTE, Fixed Line (FiberOnAir and HomeFiber) for Homes & Estates, and Enterprise Business for MSME’s and Corporations.

We are looking to consolidate all our product offerings under one umbrella tagline. This will help simplify the decision making for prospective customers, as the end customer looks to eventually consume a Wi-Fi service supplied to him through a modem or a router. 

More importantly, the Brand Spectranet wants to stay relevant to a new set of users, predominantly from Generation Z. From our customer studies we have noticed that the average age of our customers has shifted significantly downwards. Along with our excellent service delivery, the brand imagery and the positioning need to appeal to these younger customers “he added. 

We are not just another ISP; we are significantly different from others in terms of variety of innovative offerings, customer service model and network reliability. It’s time for us to showcase the new Spectranet through a bold positioning statement” Ajay concluded

Aside from the fact that Spectranet is breaking a new campaign, Spectranet has consistently reflected the innate aspiration of each individual to “Do More” to do better and enabled individuals, families and organization through flexible unified data plans offering unlimited browsing to all segments in various time segments of the day. The company has also invested heavily in deploying services such as Fiber on Air, Home Fiber offering high-speed and reliable broadband internet to homes and enterprises.

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