Africa is prosperous in natural resources varying from arable land, water, oil, natural gas, minerals, forests, and wildlife. The continent comprises a large percentage of the world’s natural reserves, both renewable and non-renewable.

Despite having so many resources, the continent is not developed till now as anticipated. There are various difficulties African people and countries are facing at present, some of them are COVID-19 Recovery, corruption, lack of Project Finance, the adverse impact of climate change, increasing water shortage, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, desertification, low stability to natural catastrophes, energy crisis, food problem, limited advantages from globalization, health security, the global financial crisis, trafficking, and piracy, etc.

Many organizations are trying to help, and one area that has gotten better over the years is the financial sector. No, the government or financial institutions did nothing, be it digital or cryptocurrency but the private sectors have shown interest and came up with something that not only helped people but also gave hope that the future would be better.

One such product is Poicoin. Poicoin prides itself as Africa’s first coin, backed by a team of experts and uniquely built technology to directly incorporate solutions related to the many challenges faced in African countries.

Poicoin aspires  to move forward with an extraordinary conception to provide a blockchain environment with a value system that enables the economy to fetch present blockchain compliant individuals and businesses with vast untapped non-blockchain users and new blockchain users concurrently through the diverse systemic DAPPs powered by blockchain technology. POICOIN is revolutionizing the economy by evolving better DApps that assist as real-time practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa and beyond. Supreme in its core usefulness is the training and empowerment of SMEs with Seed Capital in form of Grants and/or Interest-Free Loans to inaugurate their outstanding impressions that will further give integrity to the community.

According to PoiCoin’s niche, the project is trying to solve as many problems as possible. Our Project Poicoin is targeted at some specific problems and you get more details about them below.

Major problems Poicoin is trying to solve:

1. Unavailability of everyday products and services on blockchain platforms to attract and drive better Blockchain adoption.

2. Difficulty and high cost of remittance services by traditional means

3. Inability to do business globally using the preferred mode of payment.

4. Complex and slow platform which makes it difficult for people to use the platform efficiently without rigorous training.

5. The middleman between producers/e-commerce and consumers/users makes payment processing more difficult and very costly with great difficulty for merchants and producers to access ready markets..

6. Non-availability of a secure payment system that allows merchants to accept digital currencies.

7. The inability to safely and easily convert digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether into local currencies.

8. Higher tax rate on fund transfer and transaction in the traditional banking system.

9. Financial institutions and banks take additional time than required to process fund transfer requests.

10. Inability to access funds for start-ups and funds for proper day to day business management.

Solutions by Poicoin

1. Creating an e-commerce/marketplace where makers and customers can spend digital currencies efficiently and to deliver payments globally and seamlessly.

2. Seamlessly connecting producers/traders to consumers/users and abolishing the middleman syndrome.

3. Training and Empowerment – There will be periodic selection of 500 to 1000 Entrepreneurs (depending on interval of selection) who will be trained in their various fields of talent in various fields of business. On successful completion of training, these trainees will be awarded seed capital in form of grant or interest free loan to launch their businesses depending on their category of application. Also these Trainees would also have privileged access to display their products and services to the Poicoin Ecosystem and Marketplace as an added advantage!

4. Bringing about digital currency adoption, manageable by establishing simple, understandable, and fast DApps that anyone immerses with cryptocurrencies.

5. Creating DApps to facilitate every user to transact seamlessly with their mobile devices.

6. Linking the gap in the e-commerce industry by utilizing digital currencies.

7. Creating a reasonable payment system to facilitate merchants to approve digital tal currency.

8. Creating a platform that securely permits anyone to adapt bitcoin and ether into their local currencies at a very accessible cost.

9. Staking and reward platform for members.

10. Providing an ecosystem where users can avail bonuses, discounts, promising offers, better merchandises, and where all the above antidotes can be integrated without much effort.

Additionally, Poicoin is the primary coin powered by empowerment as many entrepreneurs will be equipped and leveraged by grants/interest-free loans to maximize revenues and our vast population to use blockchain technology efficiently in their businesses or enterprises. This  will bring great importance to both merchants and patrons alike within the POI community.

Poicoin is Africa’s First Coin in Value exchange and empowerment, and it is trying to solve some of the major crises faced by Africans

If the idea, aim and business plan instilled you, then there is one more thing that will astound you. You can purchase Poicoin at just $0.15 per POI for a restricted time in the ongoing ICO Private Sale which will end July 31, 2021. By investing in Poicoin, you take part in this enormous move and advancement. During this sales, the poicoin team is also offering a 25% bonus when you invite your friends and family to purchase poicoin with your unique referral ID. You need to have purchased POI to qualify for this bonus. So hurry up now as opportunities like this don’t come often.
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