Empress, the first female Offensive Security Certified Professional in Nigeria. Image Credit: Supplied  

Cybersecurity has the most distinct workforce-skills gap, this year “an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be available but unfilled…”, according to a prediction made by Cybersecurity Ventures

Zumaroc.com is a contemporary talent company, described as the Andela for cybersecurity combined with a crowdsourced security platform for everyone. This talent accelerator wants to  “solve the cybersecurity skills shortage in Africa.” They aim to train 1,000 offensive security professionals by 2023. Zumaroc is Africa’s first Crowdsourced Security platform, providing a  platform for students, security researchers, and professionals to learn ethical hacking, make money by submitting bug reports and join a worldwide community. 

How to start a career in cybersecurity with no or little experience? 

Here is the story of Empress, one of the first women to bag the Offensive Security Certified  Professional (OSCP) in Africa/Nigeria. The OSCP is considered more technical than other ethical hacking certifications and is one of the few certifications that requires evidence of practical penetration testing skills.  

Having had an interest in cyber security, she migrated from software testing and integration to becoming OSCP certified. Empress started with the 30-day cybersecurity researcher training program offered by Zumaroc. Upon completion, she enrolled in Zumaroc’s 16-week talent program to Get Trained. Get Certified. Get Hired. 

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Zumaroc, developed a new way to learn Cybersecurity. Image Credit: Supplied. 

The platform has developed a new way to learn Cybersecurity for beginners to intermediate.  This 30-day Live-Online security research training program has been running on the first Monday of every month, started in March 2021. With word-of-mouth, the platform has grown to over 2,000  members. Security researchers on Zumaroc are geographically diverse, the most popular users are from Nigeria, the United States, and Kenya. 

Zumaroc, security researchers by country. Image Credit: Supplied.  

The reward of being a certified professional 

The Zumaroc accelerator program can make you a certified Red Team professional. And because certification cost can be a problem for many, financing is available through Zumaroc LLC  funding.  

Offensive security professionals are in high demand, remote jobs, employment placement in banks or telcos should not be a problem. A good example is, Mohammed another graduate of the accelerator was certified in July and has a decent job with a top commercial bank. Just like  Mohammed and Empress, you too can have such an inspiring start in your career!  

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Zumaroc, cybersecurity talent accelerator. Image Credit: Supplied

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