There’s much to be said about Patricia Technologies, but one thing that readily comes to mind is their customer-centric approach. Patricia Technologies is known to embody its popular slogan “Do The Most” in every way possible.  And the brand’s willingness to show its human side, product process, and consumer-first approach has won the hearts of many Crypto lovers. 

Recently, CEO & Founder Hanu Fejiro Agbodje spoke on a panel at BusinessDay’s “The Future of Pay Tech” event. Hanu sat down to an interview with News Central Tv, where he discussed limitations to crypto-adoption in the country.  To which he highlighted two causes – strict governmental regulations and a lack of Crypto-education. Noting that if removed, there would be less skepticism around crypto in Nigeria. Luckily for Nigerians, Patricia has an academy on its app & website, designed to take your crypto knowledge from basic to pro. 

Hanu also debunked myths about crypto being untraceable and a get-rich-quick scheme. Crypto transactions are 100% traceable through the blockchain

On the strict Crypto regulation by the Federal government, Hanu explained that there is a silver lining, and it is that the CBN  ban helped to increase conversations and focus on cryptocurrency, thereby increasing adoption. Hanu believes that Crypto-regulation will give comfort to all parties involved. He also thinks the few radical Crypto-believers like himself who agree that crypto is the future are the reason for its continued prosperity despite the ban.

Speaking on the effect of having Banks become players in the Crypto league upon government instruction. Hanu had this to say “ It wouldn’t matter to us, may the best innovator win, it will be a game of who pleases the user the most and whom they resonate with more. And Patricia is a Crypto-lifestyle brand” 

Hanu also applauded the CBN’s initiative for the upcoming eNaira. He hopes that this would increase the government’s understanding of Cryptocurrencies, and would lead to a positive attitude towards regulations in the country.

Speaking on Crypto security, Hanu shared a beautiful story of a 52-year-old mother. Who uses Patricia to remit funds to her kids who go to school in the USA. She had walked in to reset her password so that she could send more Crypto to her children abroad. Hanu stressed the importance of storing your Cryptocurrencies with an exchange like Patricia. The woman mentioned above would have been unable to access her Crypto assets, and that would have been a loss for this dear lady if she did not have a Patricia account. 

There is still much more work to be done. Patricia has laid the foundation and holds the map to this Crypto-journey for Africa, and Africa is only the starting point..

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