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In recent times, there has been growing security and safety concerns across Africa’s most populous country. From cases of organized crime such as kidnappings and armed robbery to insurgencies of violent extremist groups and resource and identity conflicts. To help mitigate this crisis, Area! By Towntalk, a multifunctional safety app, offers credible information and support to help Nigerians make informed decisions on the go.

The free safety app, which is available to download on iPhones via the App Store, Android via Google Play and offline via *347*0#, was launched this year and has already seen an increase in downloads and use, further proving it’s timeliness. It is designed to keep users safe from any impending dangers in their geographical location by updating the app with real-time events, support channels and advanced analytics.

Every person at one point or another has needed an app like Area! to access the information and intuitive features that ensures your safety and enables decisive action if necessary. The ease of getting regular updates, checking your regular route, planning a safer alternative, and helping your loved ones stay safe is a package deal.

The Chief Area! Commander, Disun Vera-Cruz said, “at Area! We believe that information is king when it comes to safety. This is why Area encourages its users to do something if they see something! What better way than providing security tips and response channels at your fingertips”.

The Area! app is useful in real time and fast paced scenarios. Using emergency services and SOS buttons, users can share events directly through the app. Remember the saying that it ‘takes a village to raise a child,’ well it doesn’t end there. Area! by Towntalk encourages communities and the country at large, to work together in building a safer environment for everyone.

The Chief Area! Commander further stated that “Our community is very important to us, and this app was created to help both individuals and businesses mitigate security risks at all levels. If this platform helps just one person avoid a terrible situation, it’s worth it.”

How does the Area App work?

News updates and other safety information are posted in real-time, and users can view and verify this on the home page. This may include accidents that require users to re-route, robberies, insecurity, emergencies and other events.

There is also the option to view updates in other areas further away – this helps users see where serious incidents have occurred, places where there have been crimes or emergencies, and better ways to identify regular trouble spots.

Using the ‘Get Help’ option, users can contact nearby Police stations, hospitals, COVID-19 centers and other response services for immediate assistance.

What other features does Area! have?

With the Area! By Towntalk app, you can type in specific keywords to filter your exact needs. The buttons which pop up when information needs to be verified are also very helpful in debunking fake news.

By allowing access to live location, users receive a gentle notification if something new comes up in their Areas! 

Download the app today to keep yourself and others safe!

Towntalk is a data-intelligence company that builds predictive models using hard to collect local data to keep people, businesses, and governments ahead of pressing challenges. 
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