Global fintech, Unlimint released 4 humorous animated videos comparing traditional technologies with fintech, set in an imaginative scene, and highlighting the company’s fresh approach to marketing.  

The short videos played on the humours of technological advancements in an imaginative scene. Disrupting the fintech industry and doing what they do best, the company’s new campaign drives conversation and augments the readiness of the fintech industry and its continual evolution, while showcasing how fintech supersedes traditional technologies. 

The clips take advantage of digital hoovers, coffee machines and other robotics which have simplified our lives by offering convenience. Acknowledging the technological status of ‘today’, each clip rounds off by showing how Unlimint can help companies prepare for ‘tomorrow’. 

Established in 2009, Unlimint provides innovative businesses with a continually evolving financial interface. The company’s offering spans over 5 continents and provides financial solutions to accept payments and make payments, including gaming services, card issuing, banking and much more. The video series highlights Unlimint’s personality, showcasing not only their expertise within the fintech field, but their personable traits and sense of humour. Unlimint’s light-hearted nature and passion for providing the most innovative fintech solution positions them as a company driven by relationships with likeminded innovators.

Nadia Ivanova, Unlimint’s CMO, commented: “These light videos have been released for people to enjoy and use their imaginations to what technology would be like if it was anthropomorphised. They’re feelgood snippets to brighten people’s day and give them food for thought. Unlimint is a business run by innovators, for innovators; so, you’ll see how we are breaking boundaries with innovative content for everyone to enjoy – whether you love fintech as much as we do, or not.”

About Unlimint:

Founded in 2009, Unlimint provides fast-growing innovative businesses with a constantly evolving financial interface, made by innovators for innovators, and designed to make the financial world of tomorrow closer to businesses here and now. From London to Singapore and from San Francisco to São Paulo, we help local clients enter new markets, and global businesses to explore new industries and reach new milestones. Following the highest banking industry standards, we are dissolving the borders that have previously limited international expansion. 

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