In Nigeria and Africa as a whole, there’s still no easy or affordable way for business owners or startup founders with fewer to no resources to create products that are required for their businesses to run or scale without having to put a hole in their pocket and there is still a 60-90% chance of them failing due to technical debt and shortage of developer talents.

Only a handful of business owners have access to the very few and expensive developer talents and software agencies that are in high demand.

Fortunately, most of the infrastructure needed to build software that is able to solve the problem of shortage of developer talent already exists thanks to emerging technologies. What was remaining was to build a platform that puts all together and is also able to create any kind of business logic seamlessly regardless of its complexity or robustness.

In Mid-2018, We began working on a solution that was initially going to be released as a framework, this solution later became the Evolvestack Parser which is the very core of the solution built on robust deep learning.

We spent 2+ years creating the Evolvestack Parser in order to ensure it is able to parse any kind of business logic by feeding it with human-readable instructions (in English Language) regardless of sector, complexity, robustness and choice of platform deployment be it web, mobile, or ussd.

Building great tech is hard and very expensive, Evolvestack is a No-code, build once, run on all platforms, easy-to-use service that gives businesses the power to seamlessly build on-demand business solutions and scalable apps either for in-house operations or customer-facing, without incurring technical debt or putting a hole in their pocket.

“No-code development platforms are types of visual software development environments that allow enterprise developers, citizen developers and business owners to drag and drop application components, connect them together and create mobile or web apps without having to write a single line of code.”

Our core A.I makes great tech easy and affordable for anyone from ERP, Fintech, E-commerce, Mobility, SAAS, Applied A.I, to Everything.

Evolvestack continues to manage the solutions and applications so that businesses can focus on what really matters the most, which is running their business without having to worry about their tech, with Evolvestack a business can save about 70 – 90% of their typical annual tech budget.

We are building Evolvestack to challenge the existing status-quo, we believe all small and medium sized businesses have a right to affordable enterprise-grade technology, to achieve this, Evolvestack passionately crafts solutions built around emerging technologies and a flawless user experience.

Evolvestack has three primary components;

  1. ES Back-office: A solution where on-demand solutions are created and managed.
  2. App Platform: Easy-to-use to deploy your solution to any platform of your choice, have in mind that solutions are not necessarily required to be deployed on a platform before they can be used, solutions can also be used right from the back-office for internal operations.

We have example apps to help you get started.

  1. ES Quantum-Sail: An in-house developed groundbreaking state-of-the-art solution that makes running hundreds to thousands of concurrent applications on a server with very low RAM size possible.

Evolvestack is not looking to re-engineer the wheel, instead we are looking to make wheel easily affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone that wants to take a shot at the wheel without really having to know how to steer the wheel, we have made it seamlessly possible to build solutions that heavily rely on other solutions across the Nigerian/African tech ecosystem.

Evolvestack is currently in beta-phase and we are giving full access to users on a rolling basis, we are working really hard and vastly improving the platform to become the primary destination for creating technology solutions in a sprint record time, to also grow faster beyond our customer’s needs, and to ultimately make the African tech-space more open, connected and accessible to all.

 We will continue building and shipping groundbreaking state-of-the-art solutions that democratizes enterprise-grade technology access to small and medium-sized businesses at affordable scalable pricing they can grow with.

Visit to get early-access.We are also building a fellowship of evolvestacks, here is our slack link:

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