Global Financial technology company, Fedha, launches its flagship product Dole into the Nigerian market.

Since the inception of financial transactions among humans, payment transactions have continually changed and progressed. Over the years, the evolution into digital payment was of necessity to make transactions more seamless.

In the background of concerns on solving problems with technology, Fedha’s passion for creating people-centric solutions to the problems of financial inclusion and access to loans in Nigeria is based on their conviction that empowering people to grow and build is the sure way to create lasting socio-economic impact.

Launched in 2021, Dole is a digital wallet which gives the convenience of using phone numbers to make and receive payment and access to low-interest loans.

Despite the proliferation of financial services in Nigeria and with commercial banks mostly focused on the top 10 – 20% wealthiest customers, Dole has created a list of features that is constantly increasing to meet the everyday Nigerian needs by simplifying the process of receiving money, making payments more convenient, providing a safe and secure way to transact online, and opening up opportunities for low-interest loans, which no other financial product provides in one application.

Dole, in the spirit of the Black Friday season, is giving its customers fast access to virtual dollar cards at a reduced dollar rate which ensures customers shop more this season on any platform and for any transaction.

Dole is taking customer experience to the next level and with its integrated application on both android and IOS apps. The Dole app is user friendly and embodies the vision of providing access to financial services for everyone in Nigeria.

While the majority of the Nigerian society has a sort of love-hate relationship with borrowing, the use for the Dole app is extensive; from personal needs like paying bills, shopping and family dependencies to business loans for starting or expanding that business.

The Dole app is customer-focused, technologically secured and has a fast user interface.

The Dole App can be downloaded on Google Play and App store for IOS users.
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