RavenTreat, a Nigerian-based software company, has unveiled a new multi-functional app to make it easier for individuals and companies to effortlessly plan and give out virtual gifts — ranging from meals to various refreshments – during virtual meetings and events. 

Aside from sharing and redeeming gifts in real-time – regardless of your location – the Raventreat platform enables you to create a budgeted meal and gift plans for your event and virtually distribute them to all your attendees. 

As every industry worldwide begins to adopt remote collaboration, it has become relatively easier to host any event or meeting virtually. 

However, one aspect that has caused much concern is distributing meals or gifts to online participants at virtual events. While this usually is difficult due to distance and delivery constraints, most people would still like to offer – and receive – gifts and souvenirs after attending virtual events.

One of the founders recently commented on the vision to reshape the trend of virtual events. “We wanted friends and relations wherever they are to have a piece of the birthday pie in Nigeria,” he said. “So we realized an app-based solution would be the right tool. We then decided to scale it up and make it a platform where people and companies of all sizes can create a budget virtual treat of meals, drinks, wines, or refreshments for their online event participants.”

How does it work?

  1. Create a meal plan by specifying your refreshment budget and the number of expected attendees, and preferred meal categories. 
  2. Pay for your set budget using Visa QR pay, USSD, Debit/Credit cards, and Bank transfer.
  3. After your payment is completed, the application will generate an access code & link for you to share with your attendees. Through the access link, the platform will require the attendee to enter their details and location.
  4. Once an attendee is confirmed, they’ll receive an email to select from various meal packages supplied by our meals and gift vendors within their area.
  5. Vendors are notified immediately, and your attendees can walk into the outlet or call for delivery. 

Raventreat’s multi-functional app arrives just in time for the holiday season to reinvent how virtual end-of-year parties are celebrated. Whether it’s a corporate event or a public occasion, you can switch it up with Raventreat.

As a recent client said, “I didn’t know how to effectively get refreshments to my friends and family in Nigeria who joined for my virtual birthday party, till my young cousin suggested Raventreat to me. Using it was seamless and every one of them was happy they got the meals from their favorite restaurant.”

Share Meals and Refreshments at Your Virtual Events Without Stress – Raventreat.com

Bukola Bankole

Product Marketing Manager, Raventreat.

Phone number: 09153866407

Email Hello@raventreat.com

Contact address 10, Hughes Avenue, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. 

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