The new tax application allows easy access to financial and tax experts on the go.

Lagos, November 30, 2021 – what can be referred to as a first-ever digital platform and web application that brings taxpayers closer to financial and tax experts for tax remittance and business support, which is also affordable, has been introduced.  

Taxcrowdy is the ingenious idea of Moses Durosaro (FCA, ACIT, CGMA, ACPA, MSC),  Partner at Mosaug Consulting, designed to provide succor to business owners regarding tax filing and business management and compliance.

“The web application is dimensional service-rendering. Besides the fact that it has a fitness plan that every business owner can leverage, it also creates an opportunity for financial and tax experts to onboard and earns more money remotely,” said Moses Durosaro, Engagement Partner. “We’ve made the platform convenient, adaptable, and easy to use for both business owners and financial or tax experts to onboard.”

Durosaro said there needs to be a platform, a digital community, that avails business owners or taxpayers’ free access to financial and tax experts for as low as #9,500 service fee. Also, a platform that provides greater opportunity for financial or tax experts to work remotely. 

“In today’s world, evolvement is of necessity,” Durosaro said. “I’ve clients who are outside the shores of Nigeria that I manage businesses for. And see every reason to establish a community where we can bring both the taxpayers or business owners and financial or tax experts to interact freely to solve business-related problems. For financial experts, it’s not just about problem-solving but about earning money while they solve problems. It is remote and digital.”     

Taxcrowdy has three unique plans. These plans are mini, midi, and maxi. For the mini, a business owner can spend as low as #9,500 to engage financial or tax experts and subscribe to the service. The only difference is some services provided by Midi but not included in the Mini plan. Also, the custom quote, or Maxi, is the apex.

“If you subscribe to any of these plans, we will merge you with an experienced tax partner who will manage your request and proffer a solution irrespective of the service you choose,” Durosaro said.  

With more than a decade of experience as a consultant, Durosaro said Taxcrowdy is a solution-provider born out of the experience and encounters with the business owners over business management, tax remittance, and compliance. “We are not just building a web application but a web application geared toward making life easy for a business owner who immediately needs a financial or tax expert for either tax-related issues or business financial management,” he said. “We will create happy, satisfied customers through our solution-driven platform.”

Affordability – we’ve designed Taxcrowdy with clients in mind. The service fee is as low as #9,500 for basic services. “On Taxcrowdy platform, we have other services and some basic services,” Durosaro said. “My goal is to have a community of business owners and financial experts that will be affordable for small, medium, and large business owners.    

Thousands of business owners, taxpayers, and financial or tax experts regard the web application as a fresh breath of the tax remittance and business support landscape.     

About Taxcrowdy web application: “We want you to relax, concentrate, and focus on your business while we manage your business, compute, file, and get your documents for you monthly,” Durosaro said. “You’ve no reason to worry, irrespective of your location. We’ve done and we’re still doing this for many clients.” I encourage you to onboard and see the magic happen.       

About Taxcrowdy Service

Located in Lagos, Ajayi Road, is a financial service provider; primarily focused on Business Planning, Performance Management, and Training. With a drive to challenge the status quo and reinvent new methodology, it introduced a web application that brings taxpayers, business owners, closer to a community of financial and tax experts for operational synergy. It services companies like Mainstreet – Microfinance Bank, Baker Hughes, Haano, General Electric. For more information, please visit


Mr. Moses Durosaro, Engagement Partner



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