Oui Capital will host its inaugural African technology showcase, OuiTalkTech on the theme, “Connecting the Dots”. The event will be held between December 2nd and 4th in Lagos,  arguably the continent’s most vibrant center of innovation.

OuiTalkTech is designed to strengthen the connections between leading tech innovation ecosystems around the world and facilitate deal flow to Africa-based ventures. The closed-door event will bring together pioneering technology investors, founders, operators and regulators from around the world to network, collaborate, and explore the city.

Key stakeholders from Oneway Ventures, SOSV, IFC, Flourish Ventures, Alitheia Capital, TeamApt, Novastar Ventures, Paga, Bankly, Ndovu, Akiba Digital, and MVX will be present. OuiTalkTech will feature exclusive showcases, fireside chats, and panel sessions on fintech frontiers and the Intersections of ESG and innovation in African markets.

OuiTalkTech is powered by Oui Capital, Flourish Ventures, TeamApt, Spurt!, Patricia, VaziLegal, and TechCabal. The invitation-only event will create intentional opportunities for new and important players to participate in Africa’s early venture investment landscape by providing a platform for insightful interactions.  

Oui Capital is an Africa-focused venture capital company backing technology startups in the continent, spurring them to properly scale their solutions. Oui Capital invests in post-ideation and pre-series A companies with a strong growth impact in fintech, healthcare, adtech, mobility and logistics.

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