Elrond and HUH Token have started to increase in price once more, indicating signs of recovery in the case of Elrond. Having only been released on the 6th of December, HUH Token seemed to be experiencing a natural adjustment as it finds a stable point on the market. Elrond has been around for much longer and has experienced high and low prices. Its recent market movement has been a sign for many that Elrond is on the rise and could break its $300 barrier.

Elrond is software that is designed with two significant features, adaptive state sharding and secure proof of stake. They are aiming to make a distributed network of computers to carry out smart contracts. Doing this will allow Elrond to provide quick transaction speeds whilst maintaining lower fees. Elrond’s native token is EGLD; it is used for transaction fees and to incentivize users to support the network.

Elrond has seen a significant price increase since its tracking on CoinGecko.com began. Reaching an all-time low of $6.51 approximately a year ago, all the way to an astonishing $545.64 only 22 days ago. Since that time, the bearish trend of the entire market has made Elrond’s token EGLD take a devastating blow all the way down to less than half of its maximum value. The signs of recovery are beginning, EGLD saw a 15% to 20% increase in market value over the past day or two.

HUH Token utilise the tools within its smart contract to develop wealth for everyone. HUH Token does this through a referral system that provides BNB as an incentive for bringing others to the HUH Token project and static reflection. HUH Token will be used on the platform that the HUH team will be bringing to the public, as declared in their white paper.

The most popular of the features HUH Token provides is the BNB referral reward system. When someone makes a purchase after being referred, the person who invited them will receive 10% of that purchase as BNB (Binance). This results in a secondary income stream for the user and the person being referred will also benefit from a sale tax reduction.

HUH Token saw an incredible 4000% increase in price before facing any natural resistance. After a sizeable decrease in value down to around the $0.0001 area, the token has since seen a rebound and increased in value by over 100% in just a day. Returning to the $0.0002 ballpark. This could indicate an excellent purchase point for HUH Token as it has not been on the market for very long. As the token is listed on more exchanges and more listing websites, the sales could increase dramatically, therefore the price would also increase quickly.

Elrond and HUH Token are proving that the bearish trend of the overall market can be challenged. Whether or not that challenge leads to success for EGLD and HUH Token remains to be seen. However, purchasing into these projects at their current prices could result in investors having the last laugh while others try to join at higher price points.

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