The sports industry is ever-changing and growing. Advancement in technology has contributed to numerous changes that are taking place in the sports world. The recent experience in the sports industry is nothing close to what your grandfather had.

 From the fan experience to athlete performance, the sports business has transformed and will continue to change as technology advances. The following are some tech trends that have brought significant changes in the sports industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence and big data are slowly affecting how business is carried out in sports. Because most sports generate massive volumes of data, modern machine learning and data mining technologies significantly affect sports data analytics.

Professional teams and stakeholders are increasingly using machine learning experts to help enhance marketing, ticket sales, fan engagement and gameday decision making, player evaluation, and draft selection. Online betting sites like Betway, are using machine learning techniques to help them analyze the massive data work in micro bettings.

 Technology companies have taken the responsibility to meet these new difficulties in the developing field of sports analytics, such as Adobe, which has launched an AI-powered insights platform to assist NFL fans with their fantasy football teams.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has been there for decades, but the advancement in technology has made it better. Nowadays, players can bet on their favorite team or players from their phones, tablets, or computers online. 

There has been an emergence of betting platforms over time. Some prominent betting sites, like Betway, allow you to play directly on their website, or through the Betway app, which is more convenient for frequent players. Thanks to technology, players do not have to stay glued to their computers to track their games. The availability of a betting app compatible with any device allows them to bet from anywhere. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is significantly impacting the sports industry. It has changed the at-home experience, in-stadium experience, and on-field rulings.

AR delivers an immersive experience for viewers watching from home since sports broadcasters may use 3D images to overlay live gameplay and replays, allowing for various possibilities.

Sports fans who enjoy the in-person experience may benefit from augmented Reality since they lack visual content. Currently, audiences in the stadiums must look up statistics themselves on the internet. With AR, the in-stadium audience gets to enjoy a more immersive experience.

With the help of cameras strategically placed throughout courts and stadiums, entire 3D recreations of the gameplay in question may be generated and replayed, providing officials with the information they need to make the correct call.


There is no doubt that we will continue experiencing technological advancements, and as seen earlier, the sports industry will try to keep up like any other industry. While the sports industry has been around for centuries, it’s never too late to take a look at how trends in technology can change your experience. The newest tech innovations are making us more informed and interactive than ever before. Make sure to update yourself on all the current tech trends, so you do not miss out on anything.

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