NextGen, a digital learning program developed by The Bulb Africa, allows children to learn in small groups and conduct various technology-based hands-on projects, such as web design, robotics, building mobile applications, graphics design, etc. 

The technological revolution has transformed our perception of education and the future of careers for young people. A recent report by the World Bank Group and the International Financial Corporation estimated that over 20 million jobs will require technological skills by 2030. 

In line with employment realities and the company’s mission to provide the next generation of innovators and tech experts with transferable and transportable skills, NextGen is proud to announce the launch of Future Z!

Introducing FutureZ

Future Z is an annual children’s day event dedicated to enlightening children on skills that are essential for an economy driven by technology. With Future Z, kids learn fun ways to use technology to explore their ingenuity as they celebrate International Children’s Day.

FutureZ 2022: Int’l Children’s Day Event at The Bulb Africa

Three hundred and fifty kids and teenagers (both in-person and virtually) from partner schools and organizations would be invited to attend the event. Students would be given guided tours of the different projects. Participants will also be treated to exquisite refreshments while standing a chance to win freebies such as modems, tablets, phones, PCs, and scholarships for our courses. 

In looking to the future of Africa, The Bulb Africa is dedicated to bridging the skills gap by integrating work-relevant training to ensure that young people develop literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and, most importantly, digital skills. Thus, we organize educational events for young Africans and support humanitarian causes. 

We also offer sponsorship opportunities to individuals and organizations interested in making a positive impact by investing in our mission and supporting our event. 

Future Z is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 28th of May 2022, at The Bulb Africa, 39 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos. The event is slated to start by 9:00 am prompt. 

This event will provide kids and parents with a more in-depth understanding of how they can benefit from studying at NextGen and also prepare them for the future workspace. 

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