Investors looking for a rebound in their portfolios could consider Theta Network (THETA) and Aave (AAVE). Theta is a big player in streaming and NFTs and continues to see partnerships with top companies like Sony and celebrities like Katy Perry. Aave is one of the leaders in the DeFi space with $6.6bn locked up on its blockchain. That represents a drop from its record highs and there is room to jump on board for a recovery. Chronoly (CRNO) is another project that investors can jump into at the right time. The project is bringing NFTs of rare, luxury watches from the top brands such as Rolex to the NFT space. This is a niche product area and Chronoly has a first mover advantage. Analysts are predicting big things for this project in the future.

Theta Network (THETA) Signs a New Partnership with Sony

Theta Network has just announced a new partnership with Sony. The tech firm will release a 3D NFT on ThetaDrop. According to the press release, the Tiki Guy NFT is a 3D asset and only 500 have been minted. Theta has already provided NFT support for Katy Perry and the American Idol series. Theta hosts the streaming service which is an active platform for gamers and content creators and it utilises the TFuel token for payments. Theta saw its price rally 20% as the crypto market bounced from its lows and the coin should recover quickly.

Aave (AAVE) is Still a King in the DeFi Space

In the decentralised finance (DeFi) space, Aave is second only to MakerDAO in its total value locked on the chain. Aave has $6.6bn of investor funds locked up on the blockchain. However, the project had over $18bn locked in November 2021. The rise in interest rates will hurt the demand for crypto DeFi but Aave can still see a recovery in its deposits. The project has launched an Aave V3 option and that has attracted $1bn in funds. Analysts at Santiment said that AAVE tokens were among the top three coins that ‘whale’ investors had bought in the crypto downtrend.

Chronoly (CRNO) Sitting Pretty for a Trend

Chronoly (CRNO) has the potential to bring big rewards for investors in the future with its decentralised platform for luxury watch investing. Traders can view price data, set alerts and place stop and limit orders for passive investing. That will remove the need for third-party intermediaries in the market alongside removing the need for customs and delivery issues. Investors in the retail space can now invest from as little as $10 into an NFT backed by the physical asset. Each rare watch is minted as an NFT and investors buy fractions on the platform. Watches can be brought into an investor’s custody by redeeming all outstanding NFTs.

For traditional investors in the watch market the Chronoly platform will open up a market for liquidity. There is also the opportunity to stake the CRNO token or take advantage of the lending protocol. Once more investors become aware of this project then the CRNO price should rally. Early investors have already seen the coin’s value rally 500% and have access to prize draws for watches and cash. Analysts have predicted a further 2,500% gain during the presale period alone which concludes on September 27th.

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