The prevalence of hypertension is estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent of Nigeria’s over 200 million population, which is in the range of 60 to 80 million Nigerians.

Cardiologists in Nigeria have disclosed up to 90 percent of those with hypertension are unaware, untreated, or uncontrolled & unfortunately, uncontrolled hypertension is the number risk factor for stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and heart failure.

SignalADoc is a telehealth platform that provides patients with call, chat & video access to see certified Healthcare Professionals from Multi-disciplinary specialties in minutes via their mobile phone or tablet. Our mission is to simplify access to healthcare by introducing new technology and innovations which provides the best user experience for patients when feeling unwell to quickly see a doctor from wherever they are.

SignalADoc is introducing a new solution on its App called the Vital Sign Monitor (VSM) application. It’s using an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solution for contactless vital signs monitoring service. This facial recognition technology measures a user’s health vital signs by analyzing a video feed using reflected light from the user’s face and it can be conducted remotely via mobile devices.

The vital signs that can be captured via the SignalADoc VSM application include Blood Pressure (BP), Heart Rate (HR), Respiration Rate (RR), Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), and Stress level which can also be derived from Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, this new VSM application can be used as a health and wellness tool by governments, agencies, companies & organizations to implement contactless vital signs monitoring and also to monitor employee wellness.

This novel technology can make an invaluable contribution to the medical industry. It is a reliable contactless solution that can improve the ease and efficiency of telemedicine by providing accurate data that can help in early diagnosis, track treatment and patient monitoring since all that is required is a video camera, e.g, from a smartphone.

If this new solution is used with existing hospital infrastructures like appointment booking systems and in waiting rooms, it can help prioritize the provision of medical care to patients who are in immediate danger over others. 

It can also aid in tracking changes in patient vitals and documentation of the patient’s health journey. Due to its simplicity and affordability by making use of existing hardware like smartphones, this new solution/technology can expand medical accessibility to remote locations and low-income groups. It can also be used in dependent care like childcare, old age care, and care for people with disabilities, and people with chronic diseases.

This new VSM solution is already in use in Asia & Europe.

SignalADoc VSM operates under the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 501(k) guidelines.

SignalADoc plans to expand to over 20 African countries after the launch in Nigeria. 

We now have thousands of registered customers currently enjoying the VSM application all over Nigeria as explained by the CEO, Osagie Omokaro.

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