In August 2017, a new start-up was birthed to usher Africa into the Digital age in a relatively new fintech space. Today, five years later, Patricia is not just the first and longest-standing cryptocurrency company, it has also ensured that hundreds of young people with a wide range of talents stay employed across five countries.

Over the last five years, we have innovated refreshing solutions for Crypto users globally. We launched Africa’s first Crypto Debit card, and also gave Crypto users the opportunity to experience day-to-day use cases through the introduction of utility bill payments facilitated by Crypto. 

For Patricia Technologies, it has been five years of grit, resilience and consistent effort to ensure the company grows into its full essence:

“Working smart, combining original ideas and technology to provide smooth financial experience for all our users”

So, we are celebrating these major milestones as a company, as we continue to put Africa at the forefront of the Crypto space and redefine the way the world interacts with crypto.

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