You may have heard the quote by motivational speakers and philosophers from Zig Ziglar to Seneca that “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. Invariably, success locates those committed to doing their best to overcome their circumstances, making a difference with their time, talent, and treasure. It is undeniable that the Nigerian youth is very driven, determined, aspirational, and hardworking. Unarguably so, Nigeria is replete with stories of youths who are inventors, tech company founders and innovators in different fields, helping to change their world against all odds. 

These youths have gone on to create unicorns at home, celebrated globally. The story is the same for Nigerians in the diaspora, excelling in different endeavours and hitting the apex of their professions with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. As we cheer on those who’ve made us proud, we need not rest on oars but do more to crystallise opportunities for the youths in our clime laden with potential who can go on to create and lead transformative businesses. And this is precisely what IHS Nigeria is doing through its Project Empower initiative.

Project Empower is a sustainability initiative of IHS geared at exploring the potential of Nigerian youths by marrying opportunities with preparation. It is a crucible committed to refining and equipping youths in business and tech with the skills they need to succeed by assigning them to mentors who will guide, prep, and bring them up to speed with the demands of their aspirations in their given fields. It will connect over 500 business owners with seasoned advisors across ten different industries in Nigeria, providing them superb insights through business advisory, business assessment and capacity building. 

To avail yourself of this opportunity, visit today to get started as an advisor or beneficiary. It promises to be life-changing. Project Empower is a meeting point for great minds who seek to forge a better society for all by providing innovative solutions for businesses and communities that are transformational.

Given our ballooning population and poverty indices, with the youths making up to 50 per cent of our population, IHS Nigeria has chosen to take the bull by the horn by investing headlong in human capital development as a way of creating jobs, expanding wealth, and improving innovation for a more sustainable society. The company is unwavering in its commitment to the sustainable development of its host communities through its four-pillar sustainability strategy woven around ethics and governance, education and economic growth, environment and climate change, people and communities, tailor-made to suit the needs of local host communities.

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