According to cryptocurrency observers, the recent increase in stablecoin net inflows and stablecoin outflows from exchanges indicate “bullish” market momentum. The analyst even said that “fading sale pressure” has now changed to “buying” in their Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets report from July. Despite posting a 56% decline year-to-date, the digital asset market saw a 15% increase between June 28 and July 25, reflecting this shift in opinion.

It is clear that the market is looking for the next major DeFi ventures with a fresh approach to decentralized platforms. There are a few reasons for this positive trend, one of which is the Ethereum merge. 

Ethereum Merge Could Fuel The Next Bull Run

The Merge is the union between Ethereum’s new Beacon Chain proof-of-stake consensus layer and its current execution layer (the Mainnet we now utilize). Instead of employing energy-intensive mining, it uses staked ETH to safeguard the network. A really exciting step toward achieving the increased scalability, security, and sustainability goals of Ethereum.

When such historical events occur, the market price often increases in volume and price. Having said that, it is essential to note that Uniglo (GLO) is built on the Ethereum network, which will help the platform succeed even more.

What Is Uniglo (GLO)?

Over the last week, (GLO) has seen the strong price and volume gains, which amply demonstrate investor interest and trust. While the protocol was able to sell 21,064,544 GLO tokens during the initial presale, the price of GLO has climbed by 25% in the last week.

This positive sentiment will only double fold in the next few months. Uniglo’s unique Ultra burn mechanism is one of the key factors why the protocol manages to stand on the pedestal. Its asset-backed nature allows the platform to be future-proof. For example, Uniglo will lock the top 10 crypto assets in its vault to maintain its price and liquidity and back the floor price of $GLO.

Oasis Network – A Privacy-Focused Blockchain

Oasis is the leading layer-1 blockchain network with privacy support and scalability. It provides a next-generation framework for Web3 and will enable DeFi and NFT tokenization and Data DAOs by combining fast throughput, cheap gas prices, and safe design.

Oasis is driving web3 forward, helping it grow and evolve from its early stages into a more mature platform. Oasis Labs, the main technical contributor to the ecosystem, has teamed up with Meta, BMW Group Genetica, and other companies to develop platforms and products that better protect individual privacy, data governance, and responsible data use.

The Oasis Network is among the most scalable, private blockchain in the world, and its ParaTime layer gives developers adjustable secrecy. The Oasis Network’s ParaTimes then use its privacy-protecting technology, giving users total control over the confidentiality of their data.

Bitcoin-Based Decred (DCR) 

Decred is able to adapt to difficulties and evolve quickly because it combines tried-and-true Proof-of-Work with a creative interpretation of Proof-of-Stake that puts currency holders in control of defining the future.

Stakeholders are empowered by Decred’s security, privacy, scalability, and decentralized treasury and are given the tools they need to increase their financial sovereignty. Decred developed Politeia, a specialized voting platform that enables users to cast ballots, make ideas, and initiate dialogues.

Additionally, Decred uses a hybrid consensus process that combines the proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake models to guarantee those voting rights (PoS).

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