The last few days have been marked by an increase in the prices of several cryptocurrencies. The improving market sentiments have prompted bulls to enter the arena once again. This has resulted in increased trade volumes on several platforms, pushing their value up further. It has also given a lifeline to several projects that were sinking after being hit severely by the market crash. Near Protocol (NEAR) is one of the platforms that have benefitted from the market’s revival. At the same time, the (CRNO) project’s pre-sale success has made a huge splash in the market.

Bulls Pull Near Protocol (NEAR) Out Of Danger

Near Protocol (NEAR) has been able to climb on the growth chart once again. Near Protocol (NEAR) has recorded a continuous appreciation in its price for the last few weeks. Last week, the price of Near Protocol (NEAR) increased by 13.31%. Consequently, NEAR’s current trading price is $4.72, which was around $4 a week earlier. This price appreciation has also shortened the gap between its current price and its all-time high of $20.42. Near Protocol (NEAR) is now 76% below its all-time high value. However, to permanently get into the green zone, the cryptocurrency needs to maintain this growth momentum. The recent market rebound has also strengthened NEAR’s standing. Analysts believe if Near Protocol (NEAR) continues to grow at this speed, the project can get back to its all-time high soon. 

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a blockchain-based, highly scalable, developer- and user-friendly platform that allows creation of new coins and applications faster and with more security. Near Protocol (NEAR) was developed as a community-run cloud computing platform to improve interoperability. It uses the proof of stake consensus module to validate transactions. NEAR is the native crypto that fuels the Near Protocol’s ecosystem. (CRNO) – Here is the New Market King (CRNO) has raised the bar of performance for other cryptocurrencies with its pre-sale success. (CRNO) pre-sale started in May 2022, and all its CRNO tokens were sold out before the deadline. The pre-sale phase has brought a 690% growth in the project, in just three months, culminating on a high note. (CRNO) is a blockchain-based marketplace for those who are interested in making investments in luxury watches. (CRNO) has entered the market with a novel approach and unique business roadmap. It mints NFTs of luxury watches to enable retail investors to get partial ownership of rare collectable timepieces. (CRNO) purchases physical luxury watches from authentic sellers and stores them in the company’s secure vaults before minting their NFTs. These NFTs represent fractions of the watches, allowing people to buy the NFTs for as low as $10. 

Since these luxury watches provide backing to’s (CRNO) token, the project comes with an inherent quality of staying stable and profitable.’s (CRNO) whitepaper has pointed out that the luxury watch market can book a profit of $49 billion in the near future. Hence, the price of CRNO, which is backed by physical luxury watches, will inevitably grow. (CRNO) users can also utilize the platform’s lending protocol by either taking loans against their NFTs or staking their CRNO tokens in the lenders’ pool to earn passive income. The early users can also avail discounts on transaction fees. 

With all these attractive features, (CRNO) has become a magnet for crypto investors, as its business roadmap assures a good return on investment. Consequently, the value of CRNO is expected to flourish further by 5000%. At present, the price of (CRNO) is $0.079 per token, while it was just $0.01 at the time of launch.





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