Just so you know, Life is beautiful, but more lovely when you have access to trusted healthcare information that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Medping social platform is a health-centric social network dedicated to connecting, developing and reinventing healthcare in Africa and the world. Using our watchwords, Medping is a health social platform to CONNECT, CREATE & CARE.

Unverified news during the epidemic led to self-medication, which resulted in the loss of life throughout the world. Before the pandemic, throughout the epidemic, and even after the pandemic as people continue to engage in subpar healthcare practices including female genital mutilation, self-medication, and more, the absence of a health social platform like Medping cost the globe lives. The value of a healthy social network cannot be overstated. We’re launching Medping because false, unregulated, and unverified healthcare information has claimed many lives throughout the world. How much longer should this go on?

The global population is expanding, and the younger generation wants high-quality, standardized, controlled healthcare. Younger generations are using and abusing drugs at an alarming rate, and there is currently no platform for citizens, governmental agencies, and healthcare providers to collaborate and raise awareness of and combat drug addiction. THIS IS WHY WE BUILT MEDPING; TO PROVIDE ACCESS TO TRUSTED HEALTH DATA & INFORMATION THAT SUPPORTS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

It is entirely natural and expected for you to believe that this social platform is solely for healthcare professionals, but let’s clarify how the Medping social platform may assist you in leading a healthy lifestyle even if you are not a healthcare professional.

  1. Since the emergence of monkeypox, public awareness of the virus has been low, with several countries lacking even basic research or reports on the subject. The majority of current healthcare information and tips about the virus may be obtained on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The majority of healthcare information on these sites is either inadequate, unreferenced or informal, and it could be fabricated or incorrect. Monkeypox is spreading at an alarming rate, and raising public awareness about the outbreak through a healthcare-focused platform like Medping can help decrease the virus’s spread.
  2. Individuals banding together to form a global fitness network to assist others in staying active and healthy helps to alleviate a range of other global health challenges, such as obesity and hypertension. Medping provides you with such an opportunity to connect to stay fit and healthy.
  3. Despite the efforts of numerous organizations and institutions worldwide to end the practice, female genital mutilation continues to occur in some regions. Joining the Medping social platform will raise public awareness and aid in the eradication of this and related behaviors.
  4. The need for collaborative healthcare cannot be overstated. Healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals can collaborate to create strategic content aimed at improving healthy living like ‘Anti-Malaria campaigns’, ‘Stop discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS’, ‘Green walk for Mother Earth, and more.
  5. Now let’s talk about creators who do not get rewarded for their creativity. A lot of content creators make content and get little to no rewards for their contribution to the mental and social well-being of society. Medping allows viewers and individuals to tip creators and contributors via a blockchain-integrated tipping system. Medping social platform has a blockchain and non-blockchain wallet feature where you can get tips for your creativity and innovation. This financial reward system is futuristic and allows cross-border tippings, so you get rewarded by your viewers in a smooth and seamless fashion.
  6. Connect with a Doctor with JUST ONE PING and get access to professional healthcare even at critical moments.
  7. You understand how important it is for people to know what to do in an emergency. To know that dialing 911 is the best course of action in an emergency situation, you do not need to be a medical professional or emergency responder. Medping gives you access to these life-saving healthcare tips and essential guides.
  8. For brands, companies, employers and employees, Medping social platform offers the labor market service of advertising job opportunities and vacancies. So an employer or employee, recruitment has been made easy with JUST ONE PING; simply post a job vacancy and have a community with members from different regions of the world apply to work with you/ your brand.
  9. Businesses and startups can utilize Medping to promote their goods and services to a global user base and community. Your company has access to a larger pool of potential customers and revenue streams the more vision and involvement it receives. Utilizing Medping will increase your customer base and attract potential investors.
  10. Medping chat feature allows users to connect with other users all around the world, so you can simply send a direct message to any user for healthcare and non-healthcare private discussions.

The benefits that the Medping social platform provides to users and members of our community include many more.

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