Future-forward financial services providers are pitching more self-services that increase convenience and more value for customers.

For older bank customers, the ‘tally number’ era is still fresh on the mind – a euphemism for long queues and stay in the banking halls that characterised manual banking operations in Nigeria, in the 80s and early 90s.

Interestingly, banks in Nigeria are among the forerunners of automation and technology innovations that we have today. Rollout of tech services and products by banks, fintech and big data companies is seriously disrupting the social, economic, and lifestyle ecosystems.

Not only has technology changed the way we do things, bank transactions, purchase, payment and delivery of goods and services are now quicker or faster than before with online and virtual channels and platforms. Intra and inter-bank transactions, and processing of applications for account opening, account statements, or other services has also significantly improved.  

Innovations like ALAT, Nigeria’s leading digital banking platform by Wema Bank, are becoming a part of our everyday life as the world goes digital. In the last one decade, the Nigeria banking industry has witnessed rapid transformation occasioned by digital disruptions, which they leverage as game-changers to stay ahead of competition. 

Deloitte, in its 13th Annual Tech Trends 2022 report, stated that it was rewarding for organisations and businesses to engineer their ‘‘tech-forward future’’ to ‘‘unlock innovation, build trust, and engineer advantage for your digital journey.’’ 

According to the report, banks grappling with many challenges, including strict regulations and competition from fintechs, can thrive in a digital society by continually introducing future-proof technologies and processes to stay and be ahead. 

A few of the latest features onboarded onto ALAT is another example of how future-forward financial services providers are pitching more self-services that increase convenience and more value for customers. With ALAT, existing customers and new customers can do a lot with the icing on the cake being gaining huge interest in savings.

For example, customers can put idle funds to use on fixed or flexible tenures or invest money to earn amazing interests, without visiting the bank. Whether in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, at the click of a smartphone, you can open a domiciliary account and earn 4.5% interest when they save in dollars.

That’s not all – ALAT Trybe members can also access loan any time and from wherever they are. It’s even a bigger pie for salary earners and street hustlers! They can secure instant loans for as low as N5,000 up to N4,000,000 – all at low interest compared to what they can get anywhere else. But there’s more – no collateral, no paperwork. That’s one of the outstanding benefits of being a member of the ALAT Trybe!!!

Guess what? The self-service account opening takes five (5) minutes only; that’s like an instant activation. Moreso, your credit/debit card gets delivered to your doorstep free! If you prefer cardless transactions, there is a virtual Naira card too. 

Joining the ALAT Trybe is simple. With a visit to the Apple Store or Google Play on your phone, download the app, sign-up and activate. Then, you will start enjoying the convenience and pleasure of smart banking at your fingertips.

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