At one point or another, you may have come across those unpleasant reports about the Nigeria healthcare sector. Whether it is the alarming decline in doctor-to-patient ratio, the long wait time, overcrowded hospital halls, and even the dreaded fake drugs, these are some of the numerous issues plaguing the Nigerian healthcare space that is in dire need of a solution. 

In response to this, Get Care was introduced to revitalize the convenience, affordability and access to quality healthcare. Get Care is a digital healthcare product of EHA Clinics, a leading primary healthcare service provider in Nigeria. 

The reality today is such that, when the average person wants to go to the clinic, there are too many barriers to overcome. They would think of how to get off work, go through traffic, join the long wait to see a doctor or even get a test done. Even when the test results are out, they are concerned with picking it up and making sense of it all. With Get Care, these barriers have been eliminated, giving room for quality healthcare to come to you right where you are. 

Get Care provides a simple solution that allows users to teleconsult with a Doctor, book lab tests online, get their samples picked up from their home, and receive their results via email within 48 hours, request home care, order medications and so much more. With Get Care, you now have access to the following: 

● Tele-Health Service 

Speak to a doctor from anywhere and anytime you want. 

● Online Pharmacy 

Shop for medication and have them delivered to your doorstep.

● Health Tests 

Order self-testing kits and book diagnostic tests online. 

● Home Care 

Experience quality care in the comfort of your home for your acute and chronic medical care needs. 

Giving further insight into the product, Adam Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, EHA Clinics, explains that, “The launch of Get Care affirms our commitment to quality primary healthcare services. Get Care eliminates both economic and infrastructural barriers, giving users access to medical care that is convenient, affordable and of excellent quality. We are thrilled that Get Care gives us an opportunity to reach more people and improve the overall wellbeing of Nigerians.” 

To start enjoying Get Care’s range of services, visit or call 0800 34225 46427. 

About Get Care 

Get Care is a digital healthcare platform thoughtfully designed for easier and quicker access to healthcare services on the go. It simplifies delivery of quality healthcare through its mobile pharmacy, telehealth service, home care and provision of home test kits. Get Care is a product of EHA Clinics a world-class integrated primary healthcare service provider focused on improving healthcare delivery in Nigeria with locations in Kano, and Abuja FCT. 

More information about Get Care can be found at

About EHA Clinics EHA Clinics is a world-class integrated healthcare service provider with locations in Kano, and Abuja FCT, Nigeria that is focused on improving healthcare delivery in Nigeria. They aim to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare services in any setting, including their clinic facilities and at home. Their facilities are all equipped with the latest healthcare technologies, and the most dedicated team of healthcare professionals, providing a unique range of patient-centered services. More information about EHA Clinics can be found at

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