The Fourth Industrial Revolution blurs the lines between what was thought possible and impossible, connecting the physical, digital, and even biological spheres. Against the backdrop of technological changes wrought by this transformation, Akwa Ibom can position and become a significant part of this wave.

The shift toward tech will significantly contribute to the rapid development of Akwa Ibom as tech executives and investors will set up structures within the city. This move by industry players will lead to the creation of more employment opportunities.

These offices’ presence will also help create a vibrant startup scene: people will get educated or come here for jobs and even become entrepreneurs. In other words, Akwa Ibom will become a tech hub contributing to the country’s economic development.

Senator Obong Albert Bassey Akpan (Oba), the 2023 gubernatorial candidate of YPP (Young Progressives Party), has tailored his manifesto to greatly focus on implementing structures that will position Akwa Ibom for the inevitable tech boom. Oba intends to improve government regulations that directly support technological innovation, develop talent, and enhance the state’s profile by attracting significant foreign and domestic investment in technology. Provided these favorable conditions can be met, Akwa Ibom has unmatched potential to become the country’s next Silicon Valley in the coming years.

Oba has emphasized that if Akwa Ibom can continue developing its urban centers and promoting entrepreneurship, it could be in a prime position to achieve global tech hub status.

Akwa Ibom has the conditions and tools necessary to lead on the global technology stage. Still, it must overcome several roadblocks to realize its potential. Encouraging more foreign investment, offering tailored training programs, trying to retain home-grown talent, and creating the right regulatory infrastructure are all vital to successful digital growth. The path to being a global player in the technology and innovation sphere is not straightforward. Still, YPP intentionally leaves no stone unturned to achieve this for the state and the Nation at large.

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