The world of meme coins seems to be continuing to thrive and staying strong through Q1 of 2023. The nature of meme coins allows a new audience to be invited to the crypto space, one which differs from the traditional type of investor. They create a fun side to the crypto space and encourage a new younger and more excitable group of individuals to become interested and invest in crypto.

There are many meme coins that have not only had a successful launch and curated a loyal community but rank extremely high on the market consecutively. Some meme coins that are still in the presale stages are even collecting trusting investors and reaching astronomical numbers.

3 meme coins that are paving the way for others and are consistent with numbers and success are Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu.

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 meme coins and see what they have to offer to the market!

Big Eyes Coin Is Booming More Than Ever!

Big Eyes Coin is a defi meme token that is for the feline-frenzied community who are also into crypto investment. The success of this presale project is evident, as it has raised over $24 million at the time of writing, being one of the most successful crypto presales in history! It is a space that is continuing to evolve its features and functionalities, ensuring the community is happy with the space they have full ownership of.

The space is designed to unite those across the world who are obsessed with everything to do with cats, crypto, and cute content, and give them a platform where they can thrive and make a global impact. From connecting with like-minded people to raising money for vital charities that combat saving the oceans and other environmentally-focused organizations.

Big Eyes Coin is also giving investors the opportunity to push the live launch of the coin by using an exclusive code! Using LAUNCHBIGEYES200 with every Big Eyes Coin purchase up until 20th February will not only bring the launch closer to us but it will reward buyers with a huge 200% bonus! How cool is that?!

Man’s Best Friend Even In The Crypto Market, With Dogecoin

The iconic internet meme, Dogecoin, is an open-source digital currency that has charmed the hearts of millions of different investors and continues to do so. The accidental movement has a highly-secure system, giving investors leniency to enjoy and invest in Dogecoin.

The system allows users to store information as a public ledger that is maintained by a network of computers called nodes. But as a whole, the coin cares solely about supporting the community they have created, teaching people about cryptocurrencies, having fun making memes and so much more!

It is one of, if not the most popular meme coin to ever hit the market! It is one to keep your eyes peeled when monitoring successful meme coins.

Shiba Inu’s Popularity Surges!

With just under a 20% increase in trading volume over the last 7 days, it shows that the meme coins still have their power on the market. Shiba Inu is one of the meme coins inspiring people to get involved with crypto and inspire millions of people to invest in a cryptocurrency centering around a dog.

Since its creation in 2020, the dog-centric coin has gained vast popularity and attraction from investors everywhere, including big names such as Elon Musk. The charm and cuteness of the coin have not only attracted new audiences and kept the power of meme coins on a high, but it has allowed the market to be varied and shown investors it is more than possible to have fun with crypto.

Final Thoughts…

Meme coins are thriving on the market and show no signs of slowing down or letting any other kind of coin surpass them. Want to be apart of the fun? Check out the links below and become an earning meme-fiend today!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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