We are not sure of any better financial affiliate marketing as what Tranzfar offers. You are eligible to earn up to £30,000 per annum by joining our affiliate marketing programme where you can sign up multiple users to subscribe for a Freedom Bank Account. 

Another huge opportunity is our referral scheme, you will be instantly rewarded with £20 once you refer a customer that subscribes to a yearly plan (£125). This also means the more people you refer to subscribe, the more money in your bank Account.  

These incentives are readily available when you join our new banking innovative product called – Freedom Bank Account.  This product allows customers to own and manage a United Kingdom Bank Account from different countries.

Bank Account Features:

The account will operate within United Kingdom banking framework

  • Send and receive instant payments to UK Bank Accounts
  • Send International money transfer across 100 countries
  • Pay overseas school tuition, medical bills and maintenance cost bills
  • Direct debits
  • Refer and earn up to £20 on each friend you refer
  • Account Subscription fee available for quarterly and annually

Join the revolution today and bank like a global citizen.

Click this link to enjoy the Freedom to bank globally.

Click here to learn more about Freedom Bank Account Frequently asked questions.

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