In the frenzied world of crypto, the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) phenomenon has taken firm hold, with ardent followers of Fantom (FTM) and Cronos (CRO) now eyeing the latest offering – Everlodge (ELDG). Notably, this newcomer is currently running a presale event of discounted tokens, attracting a wealth of interest from the crypto community. Let’s find out what Everlodge is and what makes it a worthy contender for investors.

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Everlodge (ELDG): The Modern Marvel in Luxury Real Estate Tokenization

At the heart of Everlodge lies a vision of democratizing luxury real estate. Utilizing the innovative approach of property tokenization and an entry point of just $100, individuals can own a stake in premium properties within the Everlodge ecosystem.

But it’s not only about accessibility. Tokenizing these high-end properties enhances transparency and trust in the notoriously opaque real estate market. This digital transformation ensures higher liquidity, enabling investors to realize their returns much quicker than traditional real estate ventures would allow.

Central to Everlodge’s offerings is the ELDG token. In its much-anticipated presale phase, ELDG is available at an enticing rate of $0.018 after an 80% surge from its initial price of $0.010. This price increases in stages as more investors get on board and the demand for ELDG tokens grows.

Beyond pure real estate tokenization, Everlodge’s platform is brimming with features. The Rewards Club, for instance, promises exclusive access and luxury stays across a sprawling network of properties. For those looking to further leverage their investments, the novel Lending feature offers a pathway for NFT property owners to tap into additional financial gains.

With FOMO hitting hard and industry titans getting on board, all eyes are on Everlodge and its ELDG token as we move forward. Analysts and enthusiasts eagerly await the platform’s full-scale launch, anticipating a 30x pump once it hits the market.

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Fantom (FTM): The Plunge in TVL and Token Value

The crypto community was jolted by the staggering security lapse on the Multichain Fantom bridge during July, which resulted in the loss of $126 million in digital assets. This incident caused a significant drop in Fantom’s key metrics, with its TVL falling from $7 billion a year ago to just $50 million.

Consequently, Fantom’s token value also hit, sinking from its earlier $0.32 to the current $0.1936. This price point is crucial; any further breach below this zone might lead to a more significant setback to the $0.10 zone.

The ball is now in Fantom’s court. Its recovery hinges on the team’s immediate measures post-incident and the prevailing mood of the market. The declining TVL paints a grim picture, and there are concerns that the network’s underlying fundamentals might have taken a hit.

Given the circumstances, it’s hardly surprising to witness Fantom enthusiasts considering the Everlodge presale, especially with the looming risk of breaching the $0.20 support and incurring more losses.

Cronos (CRO) Holders Consider the Everlodge (ELDG) Potential

Cronos, a pillar of the universe, endeavors to reshape the financial sector through the might of blockchain. Its native stablecoin, CROX, anchored to the US dollar, promises stable transactions, lending avenues, and investment potential.

Despite its distinctive offerings and landmark collaborations with titans like Visa and Mastercard, Cronos faces an uphill battle in retaining investor trust. A significant blow came when the platform chose to axe perks for its Cronos Debit Card users.

Formerly heralded for its potential and having touched a zenith at $0.96, Cronos’s policy changes have precipitated a 93% plunge to just $0.050. This stark Cronos downturn accentuates the intricacies of balancing user expectations and consistently catering value.

The current price landscape reveals a bleak picture for Cronos: it stands below its January 1st, 2023 value. This is a startling statistic, especially when juxtaposed against other altcoins, like Everlodge, which has surged by 80% in a fraction of the time. Cronos holders are now looking to Everlodge in hopes of salvaging their investments and capitalizing on the ensuing FOMO. 

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