The United States Consul General to Nigeria, Will Stevens, recently embarked on a visit to the headquarters of OurPass, a prominent business banking platform in Nigeria. The visit, which took place on September 22, 2023, aimed to explore potential collaborations and partnerships between the United States Consulate and OurPass to foster economic growth and support businesses in Nigeria.

Mr. Stevens was warmly received by OurPass Founder & CEO, Samuel Chukwunonso Eze. The visit commenced with a guided tour of the OurPass headquarters, where the Consul General and his team had the opportunity to observe the inner workings of the 24-hour support team, the Marketing team, and the People team.

Following the tour and introductory sessions, key representatives from both OurPass and the Consul General’s team convened in the boardroom for a productive discussion centered around OurPass’s mission to provide comprehensive banking and business solutions to enterprises of all sizes.

During the meeting, Mr. Eze, the Founder and CEO of OurPass, passionately shared the journey of OurPass, emphasizing its evolution from a visionary dream to a thriving business ecosystem. He highlighted the company’s dedication to supporting businesses, ranging from small-scale vendors to large enterprises with multiple locations nationwide.

Mr. Eze stated, “As a business bank, OurPass is committed to empowering businesses with more than just banking and payment services. We provide a suite of business and management tools that ensure secure, safe, and convenient operations. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where businesses have everything they need to start, grow, and scale.”

The Consul General, Mr. Will Stevens, inquired about the impact of OurPass services on its customers. Mr. Eze provided insightful examples of how businesses such as SPAR, Filmhouse, UAC, Shoprite, Medplus, Four Points by Sheraton amongst many other enterprise businesses have benefited from the platform. He illustrated the transformative journey of these businesses, including significant reductions in abandoned shopping carts due to payment delays and increased operational efficiency.

Furthermore, Mr. Eze outlined OurPass’s future aspirations, including expansion into other markets, the development of industry-specific tools, and the continuous pursuit of innovative solutions to empower businesses. He emphasized the company’s commitment to distribution as a key focus for its next phase.

L-R Ebere Ahaotu (Head products, OurPass), MaryJane Okpala (Lead, Enterprise Sales, OurPass), Will Stevens (United States Consul General), Sam Eze (CEO/Founder, OurPass), Ebere Okparabizie (Head People), Kenise (U.S. Consulate), Seyi Musbau (Head, Customer Support), Kenechukwu Onyeke (U.S. Consulate), Taiwo Fayipe (Head, Engineering)

In closing, OurPass CEO expressed keen interest in the potential collaboration with the United States Consulate. He envisioned the creation of unique events and programs tailored to both Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprise businesses, designed to foster growth and development. Consul General Stevens highlighted the Consulate’s commitment to supporting startups through a soon-to-be-launched affiliate membership of the American Business Council that will provide access to major companies within the ecosystem. Additionally, he cited the Department of Commerce’s readiness to play a pivotal role in co-developing programs that benefit U.S. businesses operating in Nigeria.

The visit by Consul General Will Stevens signifies a step towards forging mutually beneficial partnerships between the United States Consulate and OurPass, with the shared goal of advancing business growth, innovation, and economic prosperity in Nigeria.

About OurPass:

OurPass is a leading business bank providing comprehensive banking, payment services, and operational management tools to empower businesses of all sizes. With a commitment to simplifying business operations and driving growth, OurPass offers innovative financial solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of all businesses. Learn more at

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