When tech business owners or executives consider business growth through expansion to the UK, they want to do it swiftly, however, there are bottlenecks they must go through, and they rather not have to deal with them, especially as the day-to-day running of their businesses is already too much to handle. A frequent point of contemplation is discerning the appropriate visa pathway for their team’s relocation. 

They often inquire, “Which visa category best supports my tech business type?”, Is my business suitable for a UK Tech Visa?”, “Are my team members eligible?”. For a founder on his way to way to work, sitting in heavy traffic on Eko Bridge in Lagos and thinking about how to improve his Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) or Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), while also contemplating expansion, the intricacy of case preparation and visa application like collating a robust portfolio that showcases their achievements, expertise, and the business’s potential impact is a daunting task that they would rather delegate to a trusted partner

With the thought of business expansion, comes the articulation of vision and value proposition in a way that resonates with visa endorsement bodies, and many founders struggle with this. Moreover, aligning their team’s qualifications with the stringent requirements of an immigration policy is no small feat. They are often uncertain about how to present their case in a manner that underscores their business’s uniqueness and capacity for innovation. This labyrinth of complexities remains a huge setback for tech companies seeking to access new markets and global opportunities. 

In times like this, tech companies seeking expansion, especially to the UK can partner with Traavu, a trusted name in the Tech Business Expansion industry. Traavu has worked with top-tier tech businesses in the past year, enabling them to expand their footprint to the United Kingdom. Traavu simplifies business expansion to the UK by enabling tech businesses to set up successfully through the acquisition of the UK Global Talent Visa

. The UK Global Talent Visa also known as the Tech Nation Visa or UK Tech Visa is a visa pathway that enables exceptional individuals in tech fields to move to the UK and start new or existing tech businesses. Recipients of this program can live work, and do business for up to 3 and 5 years, with a path to becoming eligible for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Founders who may not be ready to move full-time due to existing engagements have options that allow them to stay out of the UK for 180 days in a year. A recipient can opt for a 5-year renewable visa, hence supporting business and other personal activities. 

Tech businesses that Traavu has helped expand into the UK include; Fintech, SaaS, AI and Data, Health Tech, Blockchain, Edtech, MediaTech, Asset Management, Civic Tech and more. “These tech businesses chose this path, to play on a new level in a $1 trillion economy” says Justin Aboh, Product Lead at Traavu. “The UK tech industry is worth $1 trillion. This makes it the largest tech sector in Europe, and the third largest in the world.  It is the first country other than the US and China to reach this valuation. UK startups have raised $15 Billion so far in 2023 according to Bloomberg. As per Pitchbook Market Snapshot for 2023, Private Equity fundraising, mega-fund closes, and dealmaking increased from Q1 to Q2, 2023. The UK government has also made a commitment to direct £75 billion from pension funds to startups, making UK expansion now timely and a smart business decision for Nigerian startups seeking expansion. 

To help streamline business expansion for tech businesses, the Traavu platform offers Premium and Plus services, tailored to provide end-to-end support for founders and tech business owners, saving them time and money. Traavu’s Apps powerhouse, its Utility Hub, provides access to various essential apps and services to increase the convenience of resettlement and UK business setup. Through the Hub, one can open a business bank account, and access energy, credit, business community and other essential services. There is also a team of experienced tech advisors (also tech founders with decades of experience), dedicated to each premium business user and providing them with additional guidance and support throughout the entire journey. Founders can now make quicker decisions, saving time and focusing more on their core operations.

“The UK Global Talent Visa is a great way for tech businesses to access major global commerce and investment opportunities. Enabling tech businesses and founders to expand and thrive in a new place is our priority and we are excited to have developed this product and service”, Justin Aboh, Traavu’s Product Lead says. Recent developments and investments in frontier technologies like AI show how fast-paced the global tech community is moving. Tech businesses seeking to compete must follow through, which means playing on a global stage, thus underscoring the importance of having a reliable partner like Traavu towards convenient, quicker and easier business expansion”. 
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