It’s the season of events and opportunities among leaders in the financial sector. These visionaries are engaging with stakeholders and sharing with the public their various initiatives to make payments easier and safer.

In the past few weeks, there have been a couple of events, such as the Paris Blockchain week, Money 20/20 in Amsterdam and the IFX Expo, which is currently happening in Cyprus.

Over the years, these events have provided an avenue for financial enthusiasts to learn from leading brands in different industries, including payments, blockchain, and technology. Similarly, they give new entrants an opportunity to sell their products and services on a global stage.

Quidax, Africa’s leading indigenous crypto exchange, has taken the bull by the horn this year by participating in these events and further shining the spotlight on the great things that are happening in the Nigerian finance space, especially in the crypto industry.

While in Paris, the exchange’s CEO, Buchi Okoro, sat on a panel with other global industry leaders to discuss “Next Gen Payments: The Blockchain Revolution.” In his speech, he explained the dynamics of the African market, the gaps, and what Quidax is doing to increase crypto adoption rate and boost ease of use. 

Speaking opportunities are not the only advantage to attending global conferences and events. Exhibitions are the meat of such opportunities. Through exhibitions, brands and businesses can showcase their products and services, while directly engaging with potential customers, partners, and even investors. 

Having a Nigerian crypto exchange attending and actively exhibiting its offerings at all of these events is a positive indication of the massive growth in the country’s blockchain and financial ecosystem. Quidax has indeed done well and is doing well by putting Africa on the map and leading the global recognition of the continent’s crypto exchanges.

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About Quidax

Quidax is an African-founded cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for anyone to buy, sell, store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Quidax also enables fintech companies to provide cryptocurrency-related services to their customers.

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