In today’s world where technology constantly redefines business functionalities, sustenance and growth, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require all-in-one business management tool to break-even, grow and thrive., a visionary venture from the established LibertyPay, provides the ideal all-encompassing business management tools carefully designed to help businesses achieve stability, sustenance and measurable growth.

Paybox360 is a robust super app tailored for SMBs optimal operations and complete business transformation. 

Leveraging the powerful foundation of LibertyPay—a super-agent accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) AIP—Paybox360 has already made significant inroads into the market. In just 18 months, Paybox360 by LibertyPay processed over N12 billion, serving over 1,000 merchants nationwide. This experience is the bedrock upon which Paybox360 is built, aiming to simplify and optimize range of business functions from restaurant order management, human resource management, payroll optimization, financial processing, sales, inventory, and more.

Wouldn’t you love to be part of the Paybox360 team innovating, leading and executing partnership strategies that will empower and drive business excellence? Come join us in embracing our mission to transform the landscape of SMBs in Nigeria.

Paybox360 Sales Lead – 6 Positions

We are looking for an experienced innovative Sales Lead – Retail Tech & SaaS to drive Paybox360 sales strategy and lead talented sales team. If you have 7+ years of experience in retail tech and SaaS sales and a passion for innovation, we want to hear from you! Check the exciting role, benefits and how to easily apply here

Paybox360 Sales Executives – 60 Positions

PayBox360 is hiring dynamic Sales Executive (Catalyst) – Retail Tech & SaaS to join our team. With 4+ years of experience in retail tech and SaaS sales, you will play a key role in promoting and selling our innovative solutions. Check the exciting responsibilities, benefits and how to easily apply here 

Paybox360 Senior Backend Developer (Django) –  4 Positions

We are seeking a highly skilled Senior Backend Developer with expertise in Django to join our technology team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining backend systems that power our web applications. This role requires a deep understanding of Django framework, database management, and API integration. Check the exciting responsibilities, benefits and how to easily apply here 

These roles are not just the regular call for employees; they are a call for future leaders, for pioneers, for those who want to make a definitive mark on the business world. Paybox360 isn’t just building software; we’re building the future of business management for SMBs in Nigeria.

Whichever role you chose at Paybox360, the common goal is to continue to grow and redefine industry standards, harnessing the expertise of extraordinary team members to provide one-stop-shop solutions designed to grow businesses. The opportunities at Paybox360 are not just jobs; they are a chance to be part of a movement that empowers businesses and drives innovation.

Be a part of our mission at Paybox360 which extends beyond mere functionality; we aspire to be the leading force in revolutionizing SMB operations in Nigeria. Our solutions are designed not only to enhance operational efficiency but also to revolutionize how businesses manage their finances, engage with employees, and connect with customers. Our platform enables SMBs to access advanced tools that were once the sole preserve of large corporations, leveling the playing field and fostering a more inclusive economic landscape.

Dive into the future with Paybox360 — where innovation meets opportunity, and where your skills catalyze real change and helps empower businesses across Nigeria to realize their vision.

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