The African FinTech landscape is evolving rapidly, with companies targeting various market niches. GoFree Global Inc. has made significant strides by releasing a major update to their GoFree App, which aims to redefine the financial technology space.

GoFree Version 2.0 now allows users to send money while chatting with friends and family, seamlessly integrating social interaction with financial transactions. This innovative approach simplifies gifting and supporting loved ones. Another standout feature is the ability to send money quickly using an email or phone number, distinguishing the app from other FinTech products in Nigeria. Users can also benefit from speedy transfers between local banks.

For Nigeria’s burgeoning tech space, where many services require dollar subscriptions, the GoFree virtual dollar card offers a competitive alternative for both individuals and businesses. The app’s new FX conversion feature ensures smooth currency exchanges, while the bill payments feature streamlines the process of paying local bills. Additionally, users can purchase gift cards easily, and the GoChest feature encourages saving by providing a secure platform to set aside money for future needs.

The Founder Lekan Adejumo, expressed excitement about the new version, highlighting its role in delivering cutting-edge financial solutions and exceeding user expectations. He emphasized that the update brings a holistic financial ecosystem into one app, making money management simpler and more enjoyable.

GoFree continues to push the boundaries of FinTech innovation, striving to deliver a comprehensive and seamless financial experience for a diverse range of users, from individuals managing personal finances to businesses seeking efficient payment solutions.

For more information, visit or follow them on social media @joingofree.

About GoFree:

GoFree Global Inc. is a pioneering FinTech company dedicated to transforming financial management through innovative technology and user-centric design. The company focuses on convenience, security, and accessibility, aiming to make financial management effortless and enjoyable.

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