On February 28, 2020, TC Townhall: Emerging Tech will convene entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and corporate organizations including telcos and financial institutions to examine how businesses, individuals and countries across the continent can maximize the benefits of emerging technologies, specifically AI and Blockchain. There will be a session dedicated to VR/AR, 5G, Big Data and other emerging technologies asides AI & Blockchain.

Emerging Technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are changing how Africans live and do business. For example, African banks and businesses are now leveraging AI-driven chatbots. We are seeing entrepreneurs leveraging AI across different sectors including agriculture and e-commerce.

Across the continent, there’s an increasing number of blockchain use-cases, especially in financial services. Organizations such as Binance Labs and Blockchain Nigeria User Group are investing in and seeking to help the entrepreneurs building them to succeed.

In the past few years, big tech companies including IBM and Google have begun recognizing Africa as the future of emerging tech. However, government regulation is falling far behind the pace of emerging tech innovation.

TC Townhall: Emerging Tech – AI & Blockchain will answer the key questions that businesses, big corporations and policymakers have about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. It will address the implications for businesses, enterprises and will help policymakers develop a roadmap for supporting these technologies.

Why you should attend

    • The event will offer newcomers to these technologies insight into what the most influential innovators & startups are doing.
    • Smaller startups in this space will get to hear the biggest investors speak about what they value or look for as they make their investment decisions.
    • Investors will connect with the startups and people who are using these technologies and are at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.
    • Corporate organizations and entrepreneurs across key sectors will understand how they can take advantage of these technologies and avoid/mitigate the disruption they will bring.
    • For regulators, they will engage the innovation community about how they can support them and create economic prosperity for their nations. They will speak with the biggest players and investors, directly sharing knowledge about their concerns, what they need for success

Confirmed Speakers

Judith Okonkwo
Founder, Imisi 3D

Judith Okonkwo is the Founder of Imisi 3D, a Virtual Reality (VR) creation lab dedicated to growing a community of VR developers in Nigeria, creating solutions using VR, and providing educational and engagement experiences with VR. She believes that there is a huge potential for VR as a tool for creating everyday solutions and intends to change the technology narrative.

Elo Umeh
Managing Director, Terragon Group

Elo Umeh is the Managing Director of Terragon Group. He has worked in mobile and digital media on the African continent for over 15 years. Terragon Group is a leading data and marketing technology business that serves various multinational and local brands with offices in the leading commercial cities across Africa – Nairobi, Accra, Johannesburg and headquartered in Lagos. Terragon also has its research and development team in Bangalore, India. Elo is passionate about leveraging the unique ways Africans use the mobile device to intelligently connect brands to their customers.

Danny Oyekan
Group Executive Chairman, Dan Holdings

Danny Oyekan is the Founding Chairman of Dan Holdings. Dan Holdings is a leading Blockchain and Fintech investment firm. Its mission is to act as a powerhouse for widespread blockchain and fintech adoption and innovation, creating a sustainable legacy by devising technology-based solutions.

Dan Holdings portfolio includes: Telechat – a chat application with an integrated wallet for global digital currencies called Coins App which will be available both inside Telechat and as a standalone application; a cryptocurrency exchange BlockFinex, which is a crypto to crypto and Fiat to Crypto Exchange and Dan Ventures -which acts as the venture investment arm of Dan Holdings.

Professor Olayinka David-West
Academic Director, Lagos Business School

Professor Olayinka David-West is an Information Systems professional with over three decades of experience in the IT and financial services industry and is a passionate advocate for digital transformation and inclusive finance.

Dickson Nsofor
Founder & CEO, Korapay

Dickson Nsofor is the CEO and Founder of Korapay, a cross-border payments and remittance platform utilizing technology (+Blockchain) to make payments within, to and from Africa seamless.

Emeka Okoye
CEO, Cymantiks

Emeka Okoye is the CEO of Cymantiks Limited, a consultancy and solution provider specialising in Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Software Development. He is also the Founder of OpenDataNG an organization that crafts and implements open data policy, capacity building strategy and open data application development for public and private organizations.

Basil Udotai
Managing Partner, Technology Advisors LLP

Basil Udotai, Esq., is the Managing Partner of Technology Advisors and Lead Consultant. He is the immediate past Director of Cybersecurity and the pioneer Head of the Directorate for Cybersecurity, Office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), Nigeria. Basil was General Counsel and Legal Adviser of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the Federal institution charged with the responsibility of implementing the National Information Technology (IT) Policy and coordinating the development of IT in Nigeria.

Chuta Chimezie
Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group

Chimezie Chuta is Founder/Co-ordinator, Blockchain Nigeria User Group. He is the protem Chairman for Organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU) and the Africa Lead, Technology & Innovation at Blockspace Africa Technologies ltd. Chimezie Chuta was previously Regional Director for Africa at Paxful Inc and is an Advisory Board Member at Kinesis Money for West Africa.

Olatunji Odumuboni
Associate Director, Digital Transformation, KPMG

Olatunji Odumuboni is Associate Director, Digital Transformation at KPMG in Nigeria. He is an experienced digital technology consultant who has helped several organizations transform their businesses leveraging emerging digital technologies. Olatunji is one of the main contributors to the KPMG “FinTech in Nigeria” and “Leading through Digital” publications. He is a mentor at Village Capital’s Fintech Africa Program.

Timi Ajiboye
CEO & CTO, BuyCoins

Timi Ajiboye is the CEO and CTO of BuyCoins, a YCombinator-backed platform that enables Nigerians to buy and sell cryptocurrency easily. He is also the co-author of the recent book “The Little Bitcoin Book: Why Bitcoin Matters for Your Freedom, Finances, and Future.”

Uzoma Nwagba
Chief Operating Officer, Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP)

Uzoma Nwagba is the Chief Operating Officer of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP), managing the operations of Africa’s largest microcredit scheme. GEEP to date has leveraged on the power of identity management, emerging technologies, agent networks, and mobile wallets to disburse and manage a portfolio of over two million loans to underbanked Nigerians, demonstrating the biggest advancement of financial inclusion via credit in Africa.

Yele Bademosi
Director, Binance Labs

Yele Bademosi is Founding Partner, Microtraction and Director at Binance Labs. Binance Labs is a fund and initiative to incubate, invest and empower top blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects, and communities; by Binance (No. 1 Cryptocurrency exchange in the world).

Confidence Odionye
President, Beat Drone

Confidence Odionye is the President of Beat Drone whose parent company, Tranzelu Technology Limited, has seen the support of UUBO, Audu Maikori, Daniel Oparison Passion Incubator, Diamond Bank amongst others. Beat Drone seeks to reduce the food price in the open market, increase harvest yields for farmers and reduce the cost of producing food on the farm by the implementation of drones in the day to day activities of farmers with Beat Drone.

Buchi Okoro
CEO/Cofounder, Quidax

Buchi Okoro is the CEO and Co-Founder of Quidax. Quidax is an African focused cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for anyone to buy/sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with their local currency in 5 minutes or less.

Innocent Udeogu
Cofounder, Ubenwa

Innocent Udeogu is Cofounder at Ubenwa. Innocent leads the software technology team at Ubenwa (ubenwa.ai) – using machine learning techniques, Ubenwa analyses a baby’s cry to detect early signs of abnormalities which could be fatal such as asphyxia or brain-injury.

Dr Nnanna Orieke
Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Dr Orieke is a seasoned data scientist responsible for driving digital transformation through advanced
analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is currently a senior cloud solution architect (Data and AI ) for
Microsoft. Dr Orieke holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and an M.Sc. both in Systems Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Oluwafemi Azeez
Cofounder, AI Saturdays & Team Lead (Nigeria), Instadeep

Oluwafemi Azeez is a Research Engineer at Instadeep where He leads the team in Nigeria. He is interested in scalable machine learning and reinforcement learning research projects. He also cofounded AI Saturdays Lagos and Kigali with the focus of helping others learn AI through community study groups, free online resources and peer motivation.

Israel Aye
Founder, Mylaw.ng

Israel is the Senior Partner, Energy and Commercial Transactions at Primera Africa Legal and the Founder of Mylaw.ng, a Virtual Platform for Legal Services. Israel has extensive commercial and legal knowledge of the Oil and Gas business in Nigeria.

Hanu Fejiro Agbodje
CEO, Patricia Technologies

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje is the Founder/CEO of Patricia Technologies Limited. Patricia Technologies Limited is an e-commerce company that deals with trading giftcards and discounted cards used for millions of in-app purchases in the tech space and mobile apps/devices. Users can also buy and sell bitcoin on mypatricia.co.



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Investor-Startup Matching Session

TechCabal is holding an invite-only matching and networking session for investors and blockchain and AI startups at our emerging tech townhall on the 28th of February 2020.

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Policy Roundtable

TechCabal is holding a policy roundtable for entrepreneurs, policymakers, government officials and other stakeholders at our emerging tech townhall on the 28th of February 2020. The policy roundtable is a closed-door session to help policymakers understand how best to support the blockchain (cryptocurrency) and AI economy.

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Workshops at TC Townhall Emerging Tech are special learning sessions led by industry experts that allow attendees to get deep insights into a sub-sector or a specific topic.

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    • Legal Consultations by Odujinrin & Adefulu.
    • Understanding Bitcoin by Timi Ajiboye.
    • Policy Workshop by Technology Advisors LLP.

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