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Physical Event

The Future of Commerce

24th September, 2021

On September 24th 2021, we are hosting the biggest conversation about the future of commerce in Africa and across the globe. We are going to anticipate the shifts in the industry and buying behaviour. This will help customers and service providers be better prepared to take advantage of the rising tide.

In recent times, consumers have changed the way they shopped. More than 84% of consumers have shopped online since the pandemic. Major trends in 2020 included the rise of contactless payments and curbside deliveries. In Africa, we saw major payment companies launch e-commerce suites for entrepreneurs.

The Future of Commerce will bring together the most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts from across the world to discuss the major changes coming to how we buy and sell.

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Why should you attend?

❏ Newcomers to the sector and players in adjacent sectors will gain insight into what the most influential and efficient companies/startups are doing.

❏ Smaller startups in this space will get to hear the biggest investors speak about what they value and look for as they make their investment decisions.

❏ Investors will find a rich gathering of the most innovative companies looking to scale their business across Africa.

❏ We will focus on partnerships and will encourage networking that we hope will lead to mergers, cross-continent collaboration and more.

Confirmed speakers

Co-founder and CEO, Paxful
Co-founder & General Partner, Future Africa
Co-founder & Partner, DFS Lab
Co-founder and Chairman, Copia Global
Co-founder and CEO, TradeDepot


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