Referral Program FAQs

Question: What is the referral rewards program?

Answer: The referral rewards program is an initiative of Big Cabal Media to reward TC Daily subscribers for playing a role in spreading the word about TC Daily.

Question: How does the referral rewards program work?

Answer: The referral rewards program is a milestone-based program where you receive rewards for each set of referrals you bring into the TC Daily newsletter community. Once your referrals are verified to be valid, a member of the TC Daily team will be in touch with you, about your rewards.

Question: How do I refer people?

Answer: As a TC Daily subscriber, you have a unique referral link, which you can access from your personal dashboard. 

To access your personal referral dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the TC Daily newsletter and click on the referral segment. You will be taken to your dashboard, from where you can share your unique link with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Need more info? Watch this tutorial video.