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Solomon Iroegbu – I Learnt to Code as a Challenge to Myself
Developers, Features
30th April 2015

I learnt to design a web site because of my love and zeal for it. At first it was so difficult for me, but I challenged myself to learn how to code. I was determined and focused. Self learning rocks!

Ezinwanne Jitte – I Learnt to Code Because of My Love for Solving Problems
Developers, Features, people, Series
28th April 2015

I like solving problems. I got interested with programming because only a few students had time to code and could stay awake all night designing pseudo codes, developing procedures, algorithms and debugging apps.

Dimgba Kalu – I Learnt to Code to Prove a Point to my Classmates
Developers, ecosystem, Features, people, Series
23rd April 2015

However, the game changer came after our second semester first year exam, a certain course mate of mine who was proficient in Q-BASIC challenged me to the fact that having a good GP and graduating top of the class makes no sense for a prospective Computer Science graduate without a proven knowledge of programming.

Editi Effiong – I Learnt to Code to Buy a Pair of Nike Sneakers
Developers, Features, people
27th March 2015

I spent part of that money on the new Nike Air Max. It was the latest Air Max then, and I was on top of the world. There was nothing like motivation to get more business and buy the latest Nike shoes.

Adebambo Oyelaja – I Learnt to Code Because I Love Building Things
Developers, Features, people
24th March 2015

My uncle sent me a computer loaded with windows 3.1 and my life changed! I spent most of my time playing with this thing and my friends would come over and see me do all sort of boring things with it.

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