Google Developer Group Lagos

My Life In Tech is putting human faces to some of the innovative startups, investments and policy formations driving the technology sector across Africa. This week, MLIT spoke with Sodiq Akinjobi who just handed over leadership as a Google Developer Club Student Lead. If you do not know a lot about the club’s impact and activities, […]

The GDG Lagos Developer community is presenting techies an opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the development of an Events Aggregation Platform – something we need so much in the tech community to solve the problem of information dissemination. The platform will hopefully be something simple but effective. ‘Git’ is a powerful and sophisticated system for distributed […]

28th May 2013

I can’t code. So I really had no business being at a code party. Even so, I found myself sleeping in my clothes, blinking at my computer, and drinking cold coffee with a bunch of code-slingers and code-slinger wannabes at the CcHub two Fridays ago.

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