Anyone remember the Startup Matchup? It was Starta’s tribute to Muhammad Ali, and a showdown between 32 Nigerian startups. In each round, users were asked to pretend they were VCs and pick which startup they’d rather invest in. After six rounds of voting and more than 2000 votes, the results are in. Printivo beat in the finals, […]

I conceived of the idea for in early 2012. I started working on it then (it was called, made a beta, and then went out trying to raise money. I knew next to nothing about raising money. One of the first investors I approached was Rocket Internet. I sent them a plan with […]

I must admit that when I assumed the position of PR manager (among my other roles) at, I barely understood what PR meant. ‘Public Relations’ or ‘Press Releases’? The sweet irony here is that I was coming from a background as product manager/community manager/team lead/chief editor for a big-deal PR platform, and every day […]

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