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They often miss the mark by veering into totalitarian territory. But governments have an irreplaceable role in building and maintaining a valuable, prosperous internet. Supported by about 150 organisations – including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Paradigm Initiative – the Web Foundation has, this week, launched a formal policy guide to this regard. A Contract for […]

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria recently released its 4th Policy Brief  themed, Nigeria: Towards Enhancing Affordable Broadband Access  According to the report, Nigeria recorded a 200% growth in Internet users between 2009 and 2013, bringing her high up the ladder of growth in number of internet users, with 33% internet penetration and 10% mobile broadband penetration. Cost of access, […]

  The internet is practically inherent in every sphere of our daily lives. It becomes important that everyone who relies heavily on the internet for their work, not just policy makers, should be aware of the policies that govern this technology they have to depend heavily on. To that effect, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria will be […]

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