The city of Johannesburg, South Africa is planning to train 70,000 of its residents to use Wifi.

The city will roll out 1,000 digital hotspots throughout the city and will deploy 3000 youths – digital ambassadors – to help educate its citizens in utilizing broadband, and the internet connection, according to itnewsafrica.

The Digital Ambassadors Programme as it is called will be launched on Friday, August 7 by  Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor, Parks Tau and University of Johannesburg’ Vice-Chancellor, Prof Ihron Rensburg.

The Digital Ambassadors will be trained at UJ’s lecture facilities, via a cloud-based learner management system incorporating open source learning hosted by UJ’s School of Electrical Engineering. The second-level training for the 70,000 will cover a period of 18 months.

Head of UJ’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Prof.Johan Meyer said in the itnewsafrica report that the Digital Ambassadors will be mentored in business acumen towards achieving competence in using the digital world as an enabling technology for their own innovation enterprises.

Photo Credit: Mister-E via Compfight cc

Lanre Odesomi Author

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