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25th September 2020

Short answer? It depends. Long answer? There are more critical things to worry about. At least, that is what experts and experience with advanced technologies like this say, especially  if you live in Africa. If you write things—news articles from standard press releases or reportage from a war zone, code, poetry, communiques, fiction—if you write […]

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Navigating the trade of cryptocurrency in Nigeria is challenging to say the least; with the cryptocurrency space already riddled with misconceptions and general mistrust. However, there is a rise in the demand and adoption of digital currencies in Africa with a sprawling community of traders on the rise. This rise has, therefore, birthed a clamour […]

Remitano, global P2P crypto exchange, has just launched a new online job market – MIssion, the platform’s latest element in its push to realize its full potential and open a new window of employment opportunities to crypto users. Missions are simple, short-term tasks that anyone can do and get paid for. For example, “Share a […]

Standard Chartered Bank in partnership with Visa is giving consumers an opportunity to enjoy numerous rewards through the new ‘Safe is Smart’ campaign, aimed at encouraging the adoption of e-commerce solutions in Nigeria.  Recognizing the impact of the pandemic, this initiative provides consumers and merchants with smart ideas and e-payments solutions that will not only […]

Protecting Lives is serious business. Ask anyone who has done it before. Don’t know anyone? No worries, Tangerine Life has you covered. We teamed up with Urbangidi, a media communications team in the heart of Lagos and went on the road to discuss with people who put themselves at risk every day; protecting lives.  This […]


The BackEnd explores the product development process in African tech. We take you into the minds of those who conceived, designed and built the product; highlighting product uniqueness, user behaviour assumptions and challenges during the product cycle. — At 7:03pm on Tuesday, Zenith Bank put out a short statement on its official Twitter account. The […]

My Life In Tech is putting human faces to some of the innovative startups, investments and policy formations driving the technology sector across Africa. Heather Beem wants every science student on the continent to be able to understand and remember meiosis or Newton’s First Law of Motion because they were taught in such a memorable way. […]


This month, FilmOne entertainment became the exclusive distributors of all Disney movies in Anglophone West Africa, fortifying the Nigerian company as the kingmakers of film content in the sub region. FilmOne is the distribution and production sister company to FilmHouse, a cinema chain with 34% market share of the film exhibition industry across Nigeria, Ghana […]

People should learn from other people’s experiences. If someone has gone through a similar life and business situation, it makes sense to identify their pitfalls and factor them into your plans. That’s the premise of UK Nigeria Tech Hub’s new podcast series “Building from Ground Up” put together in partnership with TechCabal. Entrepreneurs from Nigeria […]


Africa and the Yuan SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 This newsletter is a weekly in-depth analysis of tech and innovation in Africa that will serve as a post-pandemic guide. Subscribe here to get it directly in your inbox every Sunday at 3 pm WAT. Hello, If you build the road, you stand to collect toll fees or […]


You are reading Factsheet, our series of specific guides on experiencing and using technology platforms in Africa. Whether you are looking for knowledge on getting your African film on Netflix, raising a seed round or finishing an online design course, we are covering all that. — It’s not easy raising funding as an early-stage African […]

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