The War Against Cash Is Solving The Wrong People’s Problems
Cabal, startups
22nd October 2018

Many cashless society initiatives don’t really solve merchant problems. The solutions that will win in the end will be the ones that can combine payment services with value-added services to help the merchant make more money and the consumer pay in a more effective and rewarding way.

An Unlikely Band Of Entrepreneurs Are Reducing Cost, Wait Times In Nigerian Hospitals
14th November 2018

Through an unlikely alliance, the founders of Helium Health are using their product to improve outcomes for healthcare service delivery in Nigeria.

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Blockfinex set to launch Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange Service in Nigeria
11th November 2018

Blockfinex, a new Dubai-based digital asset exchange platform with a fiat-crypto section available to all Nigerians to deposit funds and trade all tokens of their choice without having to incur extra fees transferring from one exchange to another is set to launch at the end of the month.

Introducing Nigeria’s First Online Livestock Market –
8th November 2018

Introducing Nigeria’s First Online Livestock Market –, a platform designed to provide a viable interface for livestock buyers, sellers, ranchers, livestock merchants, Veterinary professionals, Haulage/Logistics companies, as well as financial service providers, to enable commerce of livestock.

Huawei Technologies Launches Innovative Four AI Camera Smartphone HUAWEI nova 3i
7th November 2018

Huawei Technologies latest HUAWEI nova 3i is now available in stores across Nigeria. The new smartphone builds on Huawei’s success in delivering powerful and sophisticated smartphones.

Boomplay, Universal Music Group join forces on music distribution in Africa
6th November 2018

Boomplay, Africa’s leading music streaming and download service and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment today announced the signing of a landmark licensing agreement covering multiple markets within Africa.

Huawei Launches ICT Competition in Nigeria with 15 Universities
Partner, Uncategorized
5th November 2018

Huawei has launched an ICT competition in Nigeria in partnership with local universities with the aim of cultivating local ICT talents, promoting a greater understanding of and interest in ICT, and developing a healthy ecosystem for the sustainable growth of ICT sector. Is Getting People Around Lagos In A Way That Google Maps Can’t
12th November 2018

From infrastructure to city planning and mobility trends, a unique marriage of technology and data has the potential to birth a new age of socio-economic advancement in Nigeria. is proof of that.

Despite Increase In Tariffs, Nigeria’s Solar Industry Remains Resilient
people, startups
7th November 2018

For some solar startups, instead of increasing prices, they have had to absorb the extra charges from the Nigerian customs.

A Guide To Understanding Consumer Logistics In Africa
6th November 2018

Consumer logistics is a very complicated industry with lots of fragmentation and overlap. There are so many moving parts that intertwine, it could easily fly over one’s head.

Micro-lending In Africa: Which Model Is Going To Succeed?
Funding, startups
5th November 2018

Digital micro-lending in Africa still faces challenges despite the amount of capital available and exit opportunities in the financial sector.

You are invited to TC Townhall, and it is about fintech
Events, startups
2nd November 2018

The next generation of financial technologies in Nigeria, through the eyes of the next generation of fintech entrepreneurs and investors.

Why It Makes More Sense To Switch To Solar Power Now
Funding, people, startups
2nd November 2018

It is not as expensive as it used to be and customers can take advantage of the flexible payment options or acquire one.

Tambo TA55 Review: Functional, But Overambitious
1st November 2018

It certainly does not measure up to the higher-end phones already existing in the market but in its own way, it gets the job done.

What it’s like to buy something online from China (in Nigeria)
31st October 2018

Overall, my first online international shopping experience was good, but I think that international logistics is still super fragmented.

An Insider’s Take On How Nigerian Students Use Social Media
30th October 2018

Social media for students is a tool of leisure and utility and the factors that can guarantee long term usability to a platform depends on their ability to feed a sense of belonging, communicate and transact on these platforms.

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