A lot is happening at Flutterwave right now
15th October 2018

Series A extension funding. Legendary payments icon joins the board. And the departure of its celebrity CEO.

Solar Saves Lives: One Hospital’s Story
people, startups
21st September 2018

Nigerian businesses including hospitals critically need power to survive and for some, to save lives. Renewable energy (especially off-grid) presents a strong proposition to address the power challenges.

Press Room
TAMBO TA-55 – Everything You need to know about the Smartphone of the Moment
17th October 2018

TAMBO Mobile has recently released some cool devices that will be attractive to any mobile phone lover in Nigeria. The smartphone maker is at the verge of charming their way into the hearts of many with quality and affordable devices that will excite consumers in different sectors of the market. We present to you the […]

We all are Victims if we are not # U9ited against Cyberbullying
12th October 2018

Man has undoubtedly become a victim of his creation and this is a sad reality. The internet is a double edge sword in our society and the extent to which it can make or mar its users cannot be overlooked.

10,000 Hotspot Zones going live in Lagos, the largest Wifi roll out In Africa
11th October 2018

Mobi Hunter, the leading publishing partner across Africa is working with SWIFT Networks and Google to provide free Wifi in Lagos. The rollout will enable internet users to browse the internet in exchange for engaging with their favourite brands. Speaking on the rollout, CEO of Mobi Hunter, Timothy Lambrechts said: “We are delighted to be […]

Diamond Visa Signature Debit Card: A Taste of Luxury
10th October 2018

Diamond Bank recently announced the launch of the Diamond Visa Signature Debit Card, a unique Naira debit card designed to provide customers exceptional spending power and exclusive privileges. The new debit card gives affluent customers the opportunity to have broader and richer experiences when they relax or travel, home and abroad. “Our customers told us […]

Microsoft Sponsors Data Science Nigeria’s Deep Learning Nigeria Bootcamp.
3rd October 2018

Microsoft Africa is the lead sponsor of the third edition of the Data Science Nigeria (DSN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp, which is aimed at building capacity in the use of Deep Learning concepts in addressing analytical gaps in financial inclusion. The all-expense-paid Bootcamp will focus on the use of modern tools, particularly Microsoft Azure in […]

830 Pregnant Women Die Daily, How Can Tech Help?
Funding, people, startups
21st September 2018

The top 20 countries in the world with the highest maternal mortality rates are in Africa making PPH as a factor in maternal mortality is a very serious problem that requires urgent attention.

Opinion: Why Nigeria’s Tech Ecosystem Shouldn’t Be Built Exclusively With Foreign Capital
Funding, people, startups
21st September 2018

El Dorado will be a tech ecosystem built by international and local investors in a sustainable manner creating win-win scenario for all parties alike.

HydroPower Dominates Africa’s Renewables But Over 80% Of Its Potential Remains Untapped
people, startups
20th September 2018

Africa has a potential to have installed energy capacity of about 350,000 MW (350 GW) from hydropower alone but only about 10 – 20% has been installed.

How Blockchain Can Help Africa Build A Better Logistics Industry
people, startups
19th September 2018

It’s all about solving real problems for people and blockchain could be that hail mary punch that gets us closer to the logistical future we desire.

Nigeria’s Regulatory Environment Appears To Favour Renewables But There Are Major Issues
people, startups
15th September 2018

The National Renewable Energy and Efficiency Energy Policy set the country on a path to increasing the adoption of clean energy through a robust regulatory framework, there is however a need to accelerate the implementation of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan and address issues like tariffs and liquidity in the energy sector.

Advancements In Road Building Technology May Be The Intervention Nigeria’s Roads Need
people, startups
14th September 2018

Despite having one of the lowest vehicle to owner rates in the world, Nigeria still records one of the highest road accident numbers in the world, thanks to its terrible roads.

Trackers, Guts And Money: Inside The Life Of A Nigerian Car Smuggler
13th September 2018

Recently, the Nigerian government banned the importation of new and used cars through its land borders, sending imported car prices sky high and giving a boon to the illicit car smuggling trade.

Nigerian Banks Eager To Fund The Renewable Energy Sector Face Some Unique Challenges
12th September 2018

While there are very few banks in Nigeria actively developing a policy on renewable energy, those who are doing so are having to deal with issues like limited knowledge of the sector, finding borrowers with the required technical expertise and specific issues like payments collection and meter tampering.

Are Investors Ignoring The Urban Segment Of Africa’s OffGrid Solar Industry?
Funding, startups
8th September 2018

The high price of solar (few years ago) and the urgency of reaching rural consumers with electricity are some of the reasons most investors have not been keen on urban consumers.

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