Olumuyiwa Olowogboyega

Twiga Foods, a Kenyan based B2B supply platform, has announced a successful $30m Series B raise from investors and lenders. Kenya faces a problem which is common to many African countries: an inefficient agricultural supply chain. This inefficiency is costly and causes up to 40% of farming produce go to waste. Twiga’s solution is simple. […]

TechCabal Daily, 872 - Are Bike Hailing Riders Employees or Freelancers?

Okadas have dominated the Lagos transportation landscape for decades. Despite several attempts at proscribing them through legislation, it has, more than the ubiquitous danfo, always represented true ease of movement. Lagos is a city plagued by devilish traffic jams and it is not unusual to hear people saved from missing flights and important meetings by […]

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