Quality Time: Tunde Ibidapo-Obe talking about LawPàdí and making Nigerian laws more accessible.
22nd December 2017

Introduction Babatunde, the founder of LawPàdí, is a lawyer. Now, anybody who knows me, knows I love talking but if there was ever a ‘talking Olympics’, I can guarantee — Tunde would win — hands down. But, the great thing about Tunde, he’s not only good at talking, but he also happens to be a wise man. One who’s […]

Delivering Innovation in a Developing Economy
6th December 2017

A successful innovation system must comprise of government, private sector stakeholders and collaborative partners who together form a scalable co-operative system

Quality Time: Nnamdi Chineme on building the largest property site in Nigeria, why’s he’s not afraid of competitors outspending him and more.
23rd November 2017

Introduction Nnamdi is no stranger to the Nigerian tech scene. From the heady days of leading Parkway Projects, to a few other startups/projects in between, to now being the founder of Nigeria Property Centre (NPC). It’s clear Nnamdi has earned his ‘been there & done that’ t-shirt. So I was lucky to hear him speak […]

Valerie Kerri on being an author, launching her startup Ebony Street Market, and more.
11th October 2017

Introduction Valerie is a force of nature — bubbly and go-getter extraordinaire, author of The JJC Handbook and Founder / CEO of Ebony Street Market (ESM). ESM is an online marketplace that brings African artisan products to discerning customers in the U.K. I found ESM interesting, as it appeared to be a startup that threads the intersection […]

Bunmi Otegbade: Build the Future.
13th September 2017

A year ago today, I handed a microphone over to Mark Zuckerberg for the first time in my life. I joined little known Facebook in 2004 when it was still universities only, as an alternative to our own Baylor Information Network (BIN) — I just learned the then Student Body President Brad Pierce launched it to improve […]

Quality Time: Sani Yusuf on launching a new start-up, building your developer brand, lessons he wished he knew earlier, and more.
13th September 2017

Introduction One way of describing Sani Yusuf is that he’s one of those people that can talk to anyone at any time — with a smile. You know the type that seems to make friends with the same ease that some people pick up fluff on their jackets. That’s him. And it was no different when I […]

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