Micro-lending In Africa: Which Model Is Going To Succeed?
Funding, startups
5th November 2018

Digital micro-lending in Africa still faces challenges despite the amount of capital available and exit opportunities in the financial sector.

Why It Makes More Sense To Switch To Solar Power Now
Funding, people, startups
2nd November 2018

It is not as expensive as it used to be and customers can take advantage of the flexible payment options or acquire one.

The Fulfillment Model and Scaling Online Retail In Africa
Funding, startups
29th October 2018

With its plethora of infrastructural challenges and hostile business environments, Africa stands to gain a lot from hybridized business models such as fulfillment.

Consolidation: A Way Out For The Nigerian Logistics Industry?
Funding, startups
26th October 2018

They say that two heads are better than one, and Nigerian logistic startups need to begin look to each other to jointly overcome the challenges they face.

600m Africans Lack Electricity, Innovative Financing Is Bridging The Gap
26th October 2018

Innovative financing approaches like securitization allow off-grid energy startups to use their future cash flows to quickly reach more Africans with solar home systems.

830 Pregnant Women Die Daily, How Can Tech Help?
Funding, people, startups
21st September 2018

The top 20 countries in the world with the highest maternal mortality rates are in Africa making PPH as a factor in maternal mortality is a very serious problem that requires urgent attention.

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