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Muster is Becoming Nigeria’s Airbnb
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20th January 2020

Founded in 2017, Muster is a shared housing marketplace. It wants to fix this rental problem by using technology to match people with flexible rental and affordable options.

Inside the Finance Bill: Nigeria is planning to introduce digital taxes
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15th January 2020

Nigeria could be joining the number of countries introducing digital taxes. The recently signed Nigerian Finance Bill quietly gave the Minister of Finance full powers to impose digital taxes in Nigeria. On Monday, January 13, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Finance Bill 2019 [PDF]. Essentially, the bill amends several portions of the Nigerian tax […]

In 2020, Fintech Startups May Need to Seriously Tweak their Distribution Tactics

In the last few months, Nigerian fintechs startups have witnessed a flurry of activities that are forcing them to restrategize. From the hundred million dollar investments in rival companies to regulatory pressure, startups know they may have to tweak their approach in the new year to stay competitive. We’re going to identify these over the […]

African Tech Roundup, Business, ecosystem, Features, FinTech, Funding, Government
31st December 2019

I would really love to look into the future to see what I can find you know. Especially for tech. There are so many things happening and a lot to anticipate about what could be the next big thing.  In 2019, the big things were mobility companies, fintechs, funding rounds, Jumia IPO and stock crash, […]

For many Africans, their first contact with a smartphone was a Transsion Holdings device. The company owns the Tecno, Infinix and Itel phone brands. Most of these devices are quite affordable (read cheap). One of Transsion’s oldest smartphones, the Tecno N3 released in 2012, retailed for just $81 or N12,956 ($1 equalled N159.95 in 2013). […]

TC Quiz: What happened in tech this week?

Another Friday, another edition of the TechCabal Quiz. For today’s edition, we want to find out how well you read our articles this week. As always, let us know how you get on and share this among your friends.

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