Zoto Announces 1 Naira Sale on its App
5th December 2017

Zoto, a mobile payment app used by over 1 million Nigerians, has announced a new app design. According to company officials, the new app is designed to make Zoto the fastest and most reliable payment app in Nigeria. An introductory sales offer is also announced on this occasion, and this will enable users to enjoy […]

Side Hustle to Empire: The 3 Hardest Things About Running My Startup
Business, ecosystem, Video
22nd June 2017

In this Vlog, I talk about the personal challenges I faced in the early stages of running my startup.

Side Hustle to Empire: How I Quit My 9 to 5 for My Side Hustle
Business, ecosystem, Video
13th June 2017

This vlog talks about how I quit my 9 to 5 for my side hustle.

Side hustle to empire: Hiring for your startup
Business, ecosystem, Video
10th March 2017

How to find and retain the best talent with the limited budget of a small business

Margin Business Guides: How to manage your business account
9th March 2017

The all-important task of keeping your business afloat demands that you pay close attention to your finances

Side Hustle to Empire: Branding 101
Business, ecosystem, Video
3rd March 2017

5 points to get started on helping your startup stand out.

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