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Opinion: Why Nigeria’s Tech Ecosystem Shouldn’t Be Built Exclusively With Foreign Capital
Funding, people, startups
21st September 2018

El Dorado will be a tech ecosystem built by international and local investors in a sustainable manner creating win-win scenario for all parties alike.

Blogs, Websites and Social Media Posts; A legal Perspective
people, startups
9th August 2018

The digital world is fast paced and traditional laws are slowly evolving to catch up with digital trends.

Back to the Future … The Future of Work
people, startups
8th August 2018

It’s time to get the labor market and workforce ready for the new computed future.

Moving From Financial Access To Health
Cabal, people
16th July 2018

Over the past decade, the push for financial inclusion has united governments, companies, technology entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations in dozens of countries on every continent — and with remarkable success. In 2011, only 51 percent of the world’s adults had a formal bank account. By 2017, as the World Bank recently reported in its new Global Findex […]

Babies Teach You The Perfect Attitude To Failure
Guest Post
6th July 2018

The treatment of founders in SV sounds like the relationship between a mother and a child – actually, a lot of the relationships between investors and entrepreneurs in SV can be described using strong family analogies.

Bitkoin Africa Has Secured An Undisclosed Amount Of Funding From Microtraction
Guest Post
27th June 2018

Less than 1% of Africans own cryptoassets today and we believe there’s is a significant opportunity to grow the number of African who will own this asset class as it develops over time.

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