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Roles of venture capital firms in portfolio companies
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10th November 2020

The venture capital (VC) landscape in Africa has evolved over the last decade from a niche community of Africa-curious investors to an increasingly established pillar of the private equity industry on the Continent.  Today, African VC Funds have simultaneously attracted over $2 billion in foreign investment to the continent, according to Partech, and accelerated the […]

Court rulings threaten APCON’s attempt to regulate online ads in Nigeria
4th November 2020

Why Regulate Tech? That’s the question we try to answer as we expound on the laws and policies around tech in Africa


TC Regulate expounds the laws, regulations, policies, best practices, and compliance, with respect to tech and innovation in Africa. Our expert contributor network will help you understand the policies, their impact and how regulators and other stakeholders can capture real value in the tech-age. — With the surge of VC investments in Africa, some investment […]

Funding, people, startups
8th April 2019

There is still no single legal framework for the regulation of the health tech sector in Nigeria. Instead, there is a reliance on the guidance of the different traditional health care areas each having their own set of guidelines and regulations.

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