Our home for research and data on Africa’s digital economy is getting a new look.

For about half a decade, TechCabal Insights has been at the heart of redefining African tech with a mission to support investors, entrepreneurs, tech giants, regulators, and visionaries across the globe with actionable insights into Africa’s dynamic startup and tech ecosystem.

We are a data consultancy that believes Africa’s digital economy offers the continent’s most viable paths to prosperity. TechCabal Insights provides data research and insights to guide all stakeholders invested in realising that prosperity. 

In October 2023, we announced our relaunch, primed to sync with the maiden edition of our brainchild, Moonshot, a conference that brings together Africa’s tech ecosystem in person to network, collaborate, share insights, and celebrate innovation on the continent.

To set off the launch of the website today, we had a chat with Olanrewaju Odunowo, Head of the TC Insights team, to give us the tea on why TC Insights is migrating to a new platform and all of the exciting things you can expect from us.

What inspired the creation of the TechCabal Insights website, and how does it align with TechCabal Insights’ mission and vision?

The inspiration is that we’re at a new phase at TechCabal Insights. We are, in a sense, rebranding to better serve our clients in the tech ecosystem and the digital economy as a whole. The new website, the new logo, and everything in between the rebranding exercise reflect where we are now in our journey. But not only that, it reflects our clients whose needs are changing, and we have to adapt to meet those needs.

The website redesign is just one touchpoint in this effort. We want the website to reflect our core values and mission but also to specifically address the needs of our clients.

We share valuable reports and insights vital to our audience’s work. Ultimately, it’s all about serving our clients – the people who depend on us for data and insights.

Can you share some key features of the TechCabal Insights website that you’re excited about?

There are two key features I’m excited about First, case studies. A potential client may check us out and ask, “Can they deliver on this job?” These case studies will then showcase our capabilities and our work for clients. It’s also a way to celebrate the team’s achievements and the successful projects we’ve delivered.

Secondly, I’m excited that we’ll be providing value by publishing really useful content like insightful articles, data stories, and research to help people navigate the African economic landscape.

What specific types of content can visitors expect to find on the TechCabal Insights website, and how will it cater to various audiences within the tech ecosystem?

Our content will cater to our clearly defined audience segments. We’ll create content that aligns with both their interests and the services we offer.

This will include valuable research reports on economic trends, insightful articles, and thought leadership events. We’ll also provide practical guidance on how to position startups and businesses. Additionally, we’ll curate and share content relevant to our audience. 

So expect a lot of those specifically around clean technology, the green economy, and, crucially, payments. We’ll also explore topics based on audience curiosity and current economic trends.

What measures have been implemented to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly experience for visitors navigating the website?

I’m super grateful that we have an experienced and great UI/UX team at Big Cabal Media, as well as a dope engineering team. That has helped us in terms of designing this website, and we’ve been able to leverage their expertise.

We’ve done user research and are testing to ensure it’s useful. We also looked at global brands that have been doing this for a while to get a sense of what works. So don’t worry; it’s something we put some thought and effort into, and we are continuing to do so now.

Want to learn more? Explore the rest of our new website by visiting this link.

Stephen Agwaibor Content and Project Associate

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